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Penny Johnson (non-member)'s picture

What programs have you seen or participated in targeting new adults?

Let's gather information on existing programs for older teens and young adults.  Have you done anything for or with these new adults that you would like to share?

Jennifer Stencel (non-member)'s picture

While I haven't done a study group, just observing this age (that I missed by a few years) I have to say that technology is huge. While at Barnes and Noble, I noticed the ads for the new app to download which will let them see new realeses, hot sellers, etc. Thought- can we do that? Generate apps, maybe generate virtual maps of the library?

Just thinking that technology, especially mobile technology is something to watch and see if we can get in on.

Margaret Rohrbach's picture

 Our state media specialists association (FAME) creates a list of 15 books each year for high school students to read and vote for their favorite books. We created a "Battle of the Books" in our county for high schools to compete, based on these books. Last year we had 10 schools competing. It was fantastic!!