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STS Assessment Committee July 2009 Annual meeting minutes

STS Assessment Committee

Annual meeting

July 2009 Minutes

Present:  Rachel Borchardt, Annie Zeidman-Karpinski, Helen Smith, Norma Kobzina, Brian Lym, Beth Blanton-Kent, David Romito, Carol Lunce, Michelle Foss

  1. Report from council
    1. Midwinter & annual being shortened by 1 day - not sure how that will affect STS - let them know about new conflicts
    2. Virtual meetings - info from ALA - they are setting basic guidelines
    3. Action plans due after annual - assessment components must come through us
    4. Attendance sheets - assessment will coordinate.
    5. 1st Video now available (looking for approval).
    6. Read liaison reports
    7. Organization & Planning - will be taking over all assessment of strategic planning activities
  2. Report from liaisons to other STS committees
    1. Publications - Brian and Beth - video - not assessed yet since it was just finished.
    2. Organization & Planning - Rachel & Carolyn. - ok to disband (see above)
    3. Research - Helen & Amelia - Forms for assessing the new format of the Forum - will be handed out at the Forum and at the STS Poster Sessions.  Put forms on Connect.  Need to make form/survey for those not at Poster Session - ask on STS-L for folks to fill out.
    4. Information Literacy - Alison & Melanee - have been involved in the meetings and the IL wiki, but no assessment yet
    5. Continuing Education - Norma & Amelia - they are assessing w/ survey - article to come out at some point.  Disband at this time?  Unless they ask for assistance.
    6. ACRL 2009 Planning - Carolyn, Melanee & Rachel - survey given at Embedded Librarian preconference - results given to the committee.
    7. Liaison Committee - Beth & Annie - fell off radar - Report due from them in August.  Survey was sent out to STS-L.
    8. Web Site/wiki - Helen - not done anything recently.  How do we want to integrate web site, wiki and Connect?
  3. New Business
    1. Virtual Meetings - Proposal - Midwinter at least become virtual pending approval from STS Council.  General info will be sent via email, investigating other options for virtual meeting - chat? (meebo, Connect, Ning), Skype?  During the meeting?  Before the meeting?  Rachel & Helen will explore options for this - give pros and cons to committee.  By October 31.
    2. Redistribution of liaison duties
      1. Publications - Brian & Beth
      2. Research - Helen & Amelia
      3. Information Literacy - Carol Lunce - will ask for help if she needs
      4. Liaison - Beth  - ask for help if she needs
    3. Standardized attendance sheet/form for all meetings - David Romito
    4. Compiling results of assessment and attendance - Rachel (received at Council II by Annie and mailed to Rachel)
    5. Other jobs for the Assessment Committee. Programs on assessment?    Perhaps with the Hot Topics DG?  Assessing Space? Collections? Guidelines? Criteria? - Michelle Foss (visitor), Beth and Amelia (if she agrees) will do lit review first and recommendation of what we do next to report findings for Midwinter.
    6. Will continue to use listserv to communicate - need to get Annie to have Rachel or Helen be the new moderator (Rachel and Annie are working on this)