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Cooperative Monographic Collection Development : A Brief Bibliography

Cooperative Monographic Collection Development :A Brief Bibliography            Included are publications from 1990 to the present that cover the broad issue of cooperative collection development. Not included are items on specific programs. These works provide excellent detailed bibliographies.Branin, J. J. (1991). Cooperative collection development.  In C.B. Osburn and R. Atkinson (Eds.), Collection management: a new treatise (pp 81-110). Greenwich, CN: JAI Press.Burgett, J. Haar, J, & Phillips, L. L.  (2004). Collaborative collection development: a practical guide for your library. Chicago: American Library AssociationGould, M. (2000). The politics of information institutions or I am not a luddite, but…Collection Management, 24(3/4), 289-295.Haar, J. (2003). Assessing the state of cooperative collection development: report of the working group to map current collection development projects. Collection Management. 28(3), 183-190.Hazen, D.C. (1997). Cooperative collection development: compelling theory, inconsequential results? In G.E. Gorman and Ruth H. Miller (Eds.), Collection management for the 21st century: a handbook for librarians.  (pp. 263-283). Westport, CN: Greenwood Press.Harloe, B. (Ed). (1994). Guide to cooperative collection development.Subcommittee on Guide to Cooperative Collection Development. Administration of Collection Development Committee. Collection Management and Development Section. Association for Library Collections and Technical Services.Holley, R.P. (2003). Cooperative collection development. In Encyclopedia of library and information science (V. 1, pp. 698–708).Johnson, P.  (2004). Cooperative collection development and management. In Fundamentals of collection development & management. Chicago: American Library Association. (pp. 235-267).Olson, G. N., & Allen B. M. (Eds.). (1994). Cooperative collection management: the conspectus approach. New York: Neal Schuman.Perrault, Anna H., (2000). The printed book: still in need of CCD.  Collection Management.  24, (1/2) 119-136.Wood, R.J. (1997), The axioms, barriers, and components of cooperative collection development. In G.E. Gorman and R. H. Miller (Eds). Collection management for the 21st century: a handbook for librarians. (pp. 221-248).Kathryn M. CroweUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroPrepared for panel presentation, “Cooperative Monographic Collection Development – Recent Trends”, sponsored by CODES/STARS Cooperative Collection Development Committee, Reference and User Services Section.

June 23, 2007, ALA Annual meeting in Washington,