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Fowler, D. C. (2005). Licensing: An Historical Perspective. Journal of Library Administration, 42(3/4), 177-197.

David Fowler provides a background on the licensing of electronic resources for libraries.  After providing definitions of some of the most common terms used in licensing (such as End User Agreement, Suite License Agreement, and other basic terminology) and listing the common components of a license for an electronic resource, Fowler provides a historical background of how these licenses have evolved in the past decade. Of principal importance is the growing uniformity of licensing agreements that saves both vendor/publishers and libraries valuable time that had been spent negotiating unique licenses for every electronic product offered by a publisher.  Other topics discussed include the development of site licenses and proxy servers that most publishers encourage now but were initially resistant to, questions of ILL Rights, course packs and e-reserves, authorized users, maintenance fees, and a plethora of legal questions that arise during discussions of licensing agreements.  This article can serve as a good primer for anyone who is new to the licensing of electronic resources.