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Marjorie Lear's picture

Minutes from RSS Exec meetings @ Midwinter 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm posting the minutes here from our RSS Exec meetings at Midwinter 2009.  Please feel free to propose amendments or addtions in any of the following manners (by order of my own personal preference, since that was solicited!  :)

  • Post responses to this discussion (that way others can reflect and discuss, if necessary, prior to our first meeting); these responses can include attachments of scanned written comments
  • Email me directly at marjorieschreiber@yahoo.com - Either with typed comments, or scanned attachments
  • Faxing is an option - email me if you want to do this, and I'll provide you with a fax number



Barbara Mann's picture

Just a couple of corrections for terms:

website is Web site (Merriam Webster-current edition)

email is e-mail

preconference is pre-conference

Barbara Mann's picture

Excellent job, Marjorie! It is hard to capture all this.

Couple of corrections-

Under RSS Liaisons to RUSA Committees:


Thomsen should be Thomson

Under RSS Review

it should be College and Research Libraries News

Lisa Horowitz's picture

Here are my comments:


RSS All-Committee Meeting -- RSS business:

1. Under Electronic participation ... please add: the "ACRL" Law and Political ... i.e., make sure it's clear it's ACRL. Plus, I'm not sure it is a committee, but maybe it's a whole section of ACRL?

2. Dumb thing, not sure it's necessary -- Under MW 2009 events, there is no time listed for the RUSA All-committee meeting. Obviously not critical, but it looks weird.

3. It looks as though maybe it ended abruptly, but perhaps that is just punctuation. The last thing in the file I have says "Collective Wisdom:" -- was it supposed to go on, or should that be a period?


RSS All Committee Meeting I

1. It should be the Executive Meeting I, not All-Committee.

2. I usually put a hyphen between Spanish and Speaking. Grammatically, that's correct. Is that accurate based on the web site?

3. Susan Ware represented Nominating, not Past RSS Chair.  (She is also RSS Liaison to RUSA Standards and Guidelines.)

4. Marketing --> More assistance needed --> where it says "via LAMA" I'd say (e.g., via LLAMA) (they changed the name of the division also).

5. RSS has a 1-year task force -- I don't think this is accurate. I'd say that RSS formed a 1-year task force ... and was planning an article, but the group was unable to do it. I don't have my own notes in front of me, but I don't believe that we figured out what to do at MW about this? I can look that up if you need me to.

6. Under Conf. programming and meeting scheduling, it says, "holding a Discussion Group" -- in that context, it should say Forum. Committees cannot hold Discussion Groups, only discussion forums.

7. Right before Timeline -- Our charge should change, etc. -- needs an end parenthesis.

8. Under Awards, the Services Achievement Report honors stars in the Section, not the profession.


RSS Exec Comm II

1. The second bullet under Agenda seems odd. I think Susan Beck's comments were just general? So maybe it should say, Report from Susan Beck, RUSA vice president/president-elect, and end there?

2. Under Future of MW -- should say 2-week period, not wek

3. Under Second Committee Meetings: again, should say forum not group in first bullet


RSS/MARS Exec Comm

1. I'd like to see it say RSS/MARS Joint Exec Comm -- it's just easier to identify that way

I am a pain in the neck, I know -- given how many notes are taken, these are phenomenal!


Lisa R. Horowitz
Assessment Librarian/Linguistics Librarian
MIT Libraries