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How can I link with schools in other countries when I can't travel?

What if you don't have the money or opportunity to travel?

Here are some projects that can enable you to link with schools and school library media specialists around the world

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The GiggleIT Project is a partner with the International Children's Digital Library
The GiggleIT Project is a registered project with the International Year of Reconciliation 2009.

Calling all kids!

Hi everyone
We would like you to meet Gigglecritter.


Calling all kids! I need help.







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Welcome to the Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms!

Safely connect, collaborate and learn using our leading protected email and blog solutions for schools and districts_______________________________________________________________________Kids' Space Connection
http://www.ks-connection.org/Kids' Space Connection is an international meeting place for children and schoolteachers. Find penpals from around the world! Check out interesting projects you can contribute to, and cool clubs you can join.

Use KS Messaging Center as your safe tool for communication. It was designed so that both teachers and children under 13 years of age can benefit from the Internet, free from worry.


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I just tried Kids' Space Connect - when trying to register received this message:
"We are so sorry, but Kids' Space Connection is not able to accept new applications, due to the sequential loss of our two main supporting companies for their business curtailment. Without the operation budget, we cannot protect children's safety, so KS connection had to close for new registrants, and soon will have to close our internal communication tool, also."

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Thanks for the information, Margaret!  I had not looked around the website very much, but now I see that nothing's been updated since 2007.