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Welcome to the 2015 environmental scan

Dear Colleague: The American Library Association is beginning work on its next strategic plan, which will cover the period from 2010 to 2015. 

An important part of this planning process is the “environmental scan”, which consists of gathering and discussing information on the environment within which the association is currently operating and in which it will operate over the next five years. In order to better understand the environment and trends that will shape our future, we are inviting key member groups to share articles, reports, studies, surveys and links that they think are relevant and useful  as we begin developing the plan. 

Materials included in the scan might include articles and reports related to the Technological, Societal, Economic, Educational and Political environment, as well as pieces specifically relating to Academic, Public, School and other types of libraries.  All are invited to share the articles, reports, studies, surveys and links that they think provide important information and insight on the environment within which libraries, librarians, library users and the Association operate – and will operate in the future. 

We hope that divisions, round tables, committees and interest groups will take the opportunity to discuss the environmental scan at Annual Conference, and will contribute materials to the scan  between now and August 15th. To facilitate this process, the ALA Connect 2015 Environmental Scan group includes members of the Division and Round Table boards and ALA committees.


In mid September, formal planning will begin, and we will be urging all those who will be involved in the 2015 planning process to spend time looking at the Environmental Scan as we discuss the future direction and priorities of the association and develop our next startegic plan.



Keith Michael Fiels

Executive Director  

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California  Governor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-06-09, supporting an ICT Literacy policy framework:   


Kari Lucas

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Is it standard practice to the environmental scan and evaluate the predictions made?



Daniel Verbit

Library Information Systems Specialist 
Schmidt Library
York College of Pennsylvania