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Ask the Program Planning Committee

Feel free to use this forum to ask questions of the PPC! Anything goes.

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The OSS IG is interested in submitting a preconference proposal. What are the guidelines for this?Do these go through PPC or Education? 

 Karen G. Schneider, LITA OSS IG cochair

Karen G. Schneider


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 Do you mean for Annual, or for Midwinter? For Annual, they do normally go through PPC. Education handles the precons for Midwinter.

 LMK if I can help!


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Hi Jason,

I'm also on the OSS IG.  The preconference we have in mind would be for Annual 2010.



Galen Charlton

Equinox Software, Inc.

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Ah, found this:


 But... what exactly does this manual mean by self-supporting? What is the IG's role in determining this? How is the site of the preconference determined? 

 Thanks -- 

 Karen G. Schneider

OSS IG Co-chair

Karen G. Schneider


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Preconferences held at Annual go through PPC, while Midwinter workshops are typically derived from regional institutes and come from the Education committee.

Self-supporting means that all expenses associated with putting on a given precon or institute - ALA overhead, speaker support, AV, catering - should be built in to the registration fee for that individual event. Pricing is determined by the LITA office and neither the IG nor PPC need to worry about that when developing the workshop - except maybe to be aware of extraneous stuff that can increase cost, like a panel of speakers or excessive AV/equipment requirements. While we can pass those costs on to registrants, we like to keep our precons priced competitively with other divisions.

“Site selection” refers to regional institutes. Annual preconferences are held on site at Annual conference, usually at the convention center, on the Friday before conference starts. They usually run 9am-5pm, so you should plan on 6 hours of content (accounting for a 90 minute lunch break and two 15 min breaks).

Let me know if you have other questions.


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Hello, PPC:

I was just wondering if we could get any information about our IG's proposal (Digital Library Technology IG)

(it was submitted by Mike Bolam, my co-chair on the committee)

If nothing's happened yet, that's cool, I just told Mike that I'd follow up to check & see if there were any snags ...

Thanks for your help & many thanks

Mandy Mastrovita


Mandy Mastrovita Digital Projects Librarian Digital Library of Georgia University of Georgia Main Library Athens, GA 30602-1641 email: mastrovi@uga.edu phone: 706.583.0212 fax: 706.542.4144

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Mandy - all submissios that went through teh spreadsheet linked in the CFP will hear from the PPC once we start making decisions in mid/late August - we promise we'll be in touch soon!


Colleen S. Harris

Information Literacy Coordinator

CSU Channel Islands


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   My name is Barbara Blummer and I am the new chair of the LITA Technology and Access Committee. I am wondering what the process is for submitting a program proposal for ALA2012 Annual. I have been exchanging email with the chair of the IFC about a joint program for ALA Annual. We haven't finalized anything yet, but we would like to collaborate. What do I need to do as chair?

Thanks in advance!


Barbara Blummer

Reference LIbrarian

Center for Computing Sciences

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Barbara -

The call for program proposals went out on July 12 over teh various ala and topical email lists. (Please note the due date is August 5th). The information you'll need to submit a proposal is below:

*Please excuse cross postings* 


The LITA Program Planning Committee is now accepting proposals for the 2012 Annual American Library Association Conference.  We're looking for full day pre-conferences, and half day and two hour conference presentations on use of, new ideas for, and technology trends in libraries. Think about the technology success or failure you're recently had, or the topic you think we haven't had covered and put together a proposal. 


When/Where is the Conference?

2012 Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA: June 21–26, 2012

What kind of topics are we looking for? 

Anything relating to libraries and technology! (That narrows it down, right?) A few ideas might include: Comparing two or three library tools (LibGuides vs Google Pages), (Un)Successful Implementation of a New Technology, From the Trenches of an ILS Migration, Technology for Marketing, Marketing Technology, Managing Technology, Project Management, How to Quickly Build a Web App that looks Decent, Managing People and Technology, Supporting Continuing Ed for Technology, Video Creation and Editing, Including/Leveraging Users, Tech Tools for Data Management, etc etc etc.  Please keep an eye on the LITA Listserv for a poll for more ideas soon!


When are proposals due? 

August 5, 2011

How I do submit? 

Fill out this form

When will I have an answer? 

The committee will be reviewing proposals in August, final decisions will be made in September


Do I have to be a member of ALA/LITA/an IG/a committee?

No! We welcome proposals from anyone who feels they have something to offer regarding library technology. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial support for speakers.  

Got another question? 

Please feel free to email me (abigailgoben@gmail.com) and the group will figure it out.  

Abigail Goben

Chair, LITA-PPC 



Colleen S. Harris

Information Literacy Coordinator

CSU Channel Islands