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Do Other Countries Have School Library Associations?

  The following is a partial list of independent school library-related associations


ASLA logoAustralian School Library Association logoAustralian School Library Association


The Australian School Library Association Inc. (ASLA)
is a national authority, a peak forum in the field of teacher librarianship
and school library resource services.





SLANZA aims to strengthen and promote the role of school libraries, to enable all school communities to become information literate.


About Ensil 

Literacy, school libraries and information literacy are increasingly the focus of public attention throughout the world. An important event has been the publication by Unesco and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) of the School Library Manifesto, which emphasises equal opportunities for all learners. Representatives of associations for teachers and librarians, as well as some ministries of education, from eight European countries came together in Amsterdam on the 21-23 March 2003 to discuss these issues.  

The host for the meeting, Mrs. Lourense Das, Policy Officer for the Dutch Association of School Librarians, said, “It signifies the enormous importance of these issues that so many professional librarians and educators travelled to the Netherlands for this meeting.” 

At the meeting, delegates from Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom set up an informal group, the European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy (ENSIL). The Amsterdam statement was adopted.

 School Libraries Association (United Kingdom)


Our Vision

  • We believe that every pupil is entitled to effective school library provision. The SLA is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, promoting high quality reading and learning opportunities for all.


SLARI, a voluntary organisation, is a branch of the School Library Association.

SLARI offers support and information to all those involved in primary and post-primary school libraries. We recognise the need to equip students for full participation in the rapidly changing knowledge society. We believe in the vital role of the school library in encouraging young people to develop good reading habits.

Association of School Libraries in HesseLandesarbeitsgemeinschaft (LAG) Schulbibliotheken in Hessen e. V. 

Association of School Libraries in Hesse 


The LAG’s concept can be found in two formulas:
1. „Libraries from below“. Schools in Hesse are limited in their autonomy. The library teachers as well as the supporting parents have learned to use the school conference, school budget and school management rules and regulations to help initiate libraries.
2. „The active school library“ which means a library, that is orientated to learning and the curriculum. It does not just offer books to borrow, it is integrated in as many subjects as possible and offers the teachers and the students the opportunity to use the books from the library in the lessons. This is difficult to encourage, because textbooks, which can easily be used for teaching, are available for every subject in the classrooms.

Danish Municipal School Library Association 


Norwegian School Librarians' Association Logo 

Norwegian School Librarians' Association 


Information in English can be downloaded in a Word document from

Association of Swedish Regional School Library Associations 

Sweden's Regional School Library Associations


Finnish School Library Association logo 

Finnish School Library Association


The Finnish School Library Association

  • offers teachers, teacher librarians, principals, parents and students the forum to change ideas and experiences about developing and improving school libraries and school librarianship
  • nominates the school librarian of the year
  • takes up the opportunities of school libraries to support the curriculum and to enrich learning and teaching
  • provides information about local, national and international school library projects and developments
  • arranges study trips to outstanding school libraries
  • aspires to influence the national school legislation and school authorities to strenghten the status of school libraries in Finland
  • participates in the activities of international school library organisations 



Japan SLA logo


今日、学校図書館は様々な資料・情報の活用を通して子どもたちの「自ら学ぶ力」をはぐくむ活動の拠点(学習・情報センター機能)、読書を通して子どもたちの豊かな人間性をはぐくむ活動の拠点(読書センター機能)として、その役割が大いに期待されています。社団法人全国学校図書館協議会(Japan School Library Association 略称=全国SLA)は、各都道府県の学校図書館研究団体(各県SLA)と協力して、学校図書館の充実発展と青少年読書の振興を図るために様々な活動を行っています。

What is the National SLA?

Today, school libraries face high expectations, with missions to promote Self-Teaching among children navigating varied school library materials and information (via the Learning and Information Center), and to instill a richness of humanity in students learning to read and write (via the Reading and Writing center).  The Japan SLA, n cooperation with the prefectural school library associations in every city and prefecture, carries out activities to promote the growth of school libraries, and measure the progress of young people's reading.