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Welcome to CRS at ALA Connect

Continuing Resources Section,

I been navigating around the new ALA Connect and am excited about what I see.  We haven't had a way to communicate with the larger Continuing Resources Section membership in the past and this will give us a way to do that. 

Some recent happenings:

At ALA Midwinter, the CRS Executive Committee members and committee chairs began a discussion about the structure and activities of CRS.  This is part of a larger discussion in ALCTS about the same topics.

When we reviewed CRS activities, I was really pleased to see a history of strong programming at conferences.  That has been an area of strength for us.  Some programs, such as the CR Cataloging Committee updates on Monday afternoons, have become mainstays.  Others are topical and one-time offerings.  Since many people do not attend conferences, we will be looking at other ways to educate, inform, and discuss topics.  ALA Connect opens up some possibilities.  We are interested in hosting webinars and publishing useful resources and will be looking to expand in those areas, too.

We have several programs coming up at annual and will post the schedule here.

Incoming CRS chair, Connie Foster, has been busy making committee appointments for next year. 

Now that we have ALA Connect, I will post some of the documents we considered at ALA Midwinter.  Your ideas about our section are important.  What do you want us to do and how do you want to be involved?  Please post your ideas or email me.

Welcome to CRS at ALA Connect!

Felicity Dykas
Chair, Continuing Resources Section
MU Libraries
U of Missouri
dykasf at missouri.edu (I've noticed emails being posted this way on the website.  To prevent spam I suppose.)