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Interesting Ideas in the LIS Classroom

This from Michael Wesch is fascinating me:


How our class works:

First off, we organize it as a research group, not a class.
So, instead of a syllabus we have a research schedule.
The research schedule is editable at any time by anybody involved in the project.

All edits are (almost) instantly reported at our Netvibes research hub via RSS.

The hub also includes a Yahoo Pipe combining the feeds from each of the 15 students’ blogs.
There is a second Yahoo Pipe that combines all the comment feeds from those blogs as well.

To the right, we have a feed from our Diigo group, which we use to share links and notes on the web. 


My student-researchers and I tried something a little different to kick off our semester.  Instead of the standard syllabus that requires everybody to read a few articles to discuss, we decided instead to organize ourselves into a Smart Mob that would try to read a good hunk of the literature on a single topic in one go.  We chose to explore the implications of anonymity online, which is the centerpiece of our project this year.


I'm eager to incorporate these ideas into my fall classes... thoughts? Success stories?