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Linda Crook (non-member)'s picture

What's ALAconnect FOR?

I found myself a little hesitant with ALAconnect because I didn't know what it was for.  And then I kicked myself. 

When I do workshops about emerging technology, I always caution the participants, when confronted with a new tool, not to ask "What is it for?" because, so often, we don't really know what it's for yet.  It's not to replace a listserv or webpage, it's something new, and we'll probably be surprised at what it turns out to be "for."  We usually start out knowing some things the tool can *do*, and then it's really up to the people who join in and use it to start defining what it's "for."

So, for those of you who have been using ALAconnect, what's it for so far? Have you found unexpected benefits? Is there something I should be doing to maximize my use of it?

Amanda Roberts's picture

Linda, I completely agree with your approach. When I was NMRT pres, we had an ALA communities application, and a few of us logged on every once in a while, but it wasn't "sticky." This, however, has a lot of bells and whistle and access to some internal info (number of NMRT members, committees/boards people are on, photos of members, etc.). I think there's a lot of possibility here for sharing information, particularly with NMRTers. I am looking forward to watching it unfold and helping it along.



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Nicole Sump-Crethar's picture

So far I really like what I see.  The features are nice and easy to use.  I'm just hoping more of my colleagues will start signing on.  I recently moved from Arizona to Oklahoma and I could see this becoming a great way to stay in touch.  I'd especially like to see us continuing to share ideas and solutions using this tool.  Mountain Plains also has a social network and hopefully it will become successful too.  I'll be doing my part to stay connected. 

Laura Kortz's picture

I set up a group a few months ago. It's called Career Connections, and will be a place for librarians at all stages of their careers to get advice about finding work, moving up and to network and connect with their peers around career-related issues. Thanks for joining Linda. A few members have recently posted resumes. Feel free to take a look at them and offer suggestions when you have a chance. Thanks!