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Frequently Asked Questions about Comments in ALA Connect

  1. Who can comment on something posted to an ALA group or member community?
    Anyone in the group/community can comment on anything posted to the group, whether the item is closed to the group only or is made available to the public. Keep in mind that comments you make today stay in the system even after you leave a particular committee or division, so act accordingly.

    Anyone with an ALA Connect login (ALA members and non-members who have created an account) can comment on any public content posted to any group.


  2. How can I leave an anonymous comment?
    There is no way to leave a completely anonymous comment in ALA Connect. Users can create fake non-member accounts, log in, and leave a comment, but violations of our user guidelines will result in removal of the comment and deletion of the account that created it.


  3. Who can delete a comment?
    Only the group/community admins can delete comments. If you posted a comment you would like removed, contact a group admin to request this.
  4. Why can't I delete my own comments?
    See http://connect.ala.org/node/141120 for a discussion about this, but if a person deletes a comment, there's no way for us to save any replies to that comment. So if there was a threaded discussion in which someone replied to your comment, you'd be deleting your comment and someone else's without their permission. Since the permission to delete comments is an all-or-nothing proposition, we made a decision to not let one user delete another user's comment without permission.


  5. What constitutes an inappropriate comment?
    Anything that violates our user guidelines will be considered inappropriate and will be deleted from the site. A respectful, rousing debate that does not violate our guidelines, however, is perfectly fine and even encouraged.


  6. To whom should I report an inappropriate comment?
    The best and fastest way to get your concern addressed is to contact the group/community admin(s) and point them to the comment, along with details explaining why you think it's inappropriate.

    To find a group's admin, visit the group's home page in Connect and click on the number of members in the right-hand column. You should then see a list of all of the group's members, with admins listed first. Click on that person's picture to go to their profile, and then find the link to "Send [Name] a Message" underneath their picture.

  7. Don't see your question listed here? Contact us for an answer or leave a comment.