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New ALA Connect Project Implementation Update – September 12, 2017

While we are working to bring the new ALA Connect online, we have made the existing ALA Connect available again to make group, committee, and community updates, share documents, and other tasks at .  Any data entered there will be migrated to the new ALA Connect before launch.

Hi.  Based on the feedback we've received I've updated the questionnaire. (See the attachment below.)

Please be sure to advise Lois Anne and/or me of any final changes by Wednesday, May 31, so we can build the survey into the VMM production. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate any changes after May 31.

Your work and help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Lois Ann and Ron


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To plan the agenda for the membership meetings specified in ALA Policy 7.4.7; to identify potential discussion topics for the membership meetings; to educate the membership about the purposes of the membership meeting and the opportunities it offers members; to identify and recommend incentives for attendance; to advise staff on logistics for membership meetings; to oversee publicity plans for membership meetings; to assess the effectiveness of the membership meetings in addressing the ALA membership's needs; and to recommend changes in light of that assessment.

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