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Call for Vice Chair - 2018

Call for Vice Chair:


The Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group seeks an interested person to serve as Vice-Chair from July 2018-June 2019 and as Chair from July 2019-June 2020.


Housed within the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services division of ALA, the Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group was created to provide a forum to discuss issues related to the evolution of technical services. The group is especially interested in exploring the interdependency between departments and the ways in which technical services affects, and is affected by, technology and publishing trends.


The Chair and Vice Chair work closely together to plan and execute all aspects of the roundtable discussions that are held during the Interest Group’s Midwinter and Annual meetings. Tasks include sending call for proposal emails to listservs, vetting proposals, sending promotional emails to listservs, coordinating logistics with round table discussion facilitators, and managing all aspects of the in-person meetings. Interested people should be able to attend in-person the 2019 and 2020 Midwinter and Annual meetings of ALA.  The Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group meets at 4:30 pm on the Saturday of both conferences.


Those interested in becoming Vice-Chair of the Creative Ideas in Technical Services Discussion Group should submit a letter of interest that includes:

  • A short biographical sketch: who are you and why does this group interest you?
  • Your availability to attend ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings in 2019 and 2020
  • Your resume or CV as an attachment

Please submit your letter of interest by April 27th, 2018 to Whitney Buccicone (Chair),  bucciw@uw.edu and Ryan Mendenhall (Vice Chair), tmendenhall@fordham.edu.