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Cristina Mitra's picture

March 21 2018 Online Meeting

cristinalibrarian [9:57 AM]
shared this file:  
SAPS March 2018 Meeting Agenda.docx
Document from Google Drive

cristinalibrarian [9:59 AM]
Hello everyone!

Evan [9:59 AM]

cristinalibrarian [9:59 AM]
As soon as you join us, please share in the check-in question: What's a brief programming highlight from your library work?
Hi Evan! Glad you could join us!

anewman [10:01 AM]

cristinalibrarian [10:01 AM]
Hi Alexa!

Dave [10:01 AM]
Hey folks!

cristinalibrarian [10:01 AM]
Hi Dave!

anewman [10:01 AM]
I'm on desk, so i might have to pop in and out -- but have coworker here with me so hoping for best!

cristinalibrarian [10:02 AM]

Evan [10:02 AM]
We have a big program coming up. Our third annual Fairy and Elf festival. It's four hours of awesome fun. Costumes, live music, shadow puppetry, dancing and of course, fairy house building.

anewman [10:02 AM]
sounds really cool, Evan -- you'll have to share pictures

aforrester [10:02 AM]
Hi there!

Evan [10:02 AM]

cristinalibrarian [10:02 AM]
Sounds magical!

aforrester [10:02 AM]
Just finished up a tour with kinders :slightly_smiling_face:

cristinalibrarian [10:02 AM]
Hi Amy!
The kinders! :slightly_smiling_face:

aforrester [10:03 AM]
So much cuteness!

anewman [10:03 AM]
I had 2 storytimes this morning.  Love the littles -- tours are so much fun,Amy

cristinalibrarian [10:04 AM]
For me, we just wrapped up all the centralized booking of over 800 programs for youth school-age through teens for SUMMER! Woo hoo! Now, we're working on publicity and layout of our print guide

Dave [10:04 AM]
We are prepping up for our big Museum of the Middle Ages

cristinalibrarian [10:05 AM]
Sounds intriguing Dave!

aforrester [10:05 AM]
We're getting ready for an author visit with Raul the Third

lisakimno [10:06 AM]
We're having a wrinkle in time party!

cristinalibrarian [10:06 AM]

Evan [10:06 AM]

aforrester [10:06 AM]
I'm so excited! He's going to do a comic book workshop with ballpoint pens :slightly_smiling_face:

cristinalibrarian [10:06 AM]
Can we just have a SAPS field trip and visit all our amazing programs?

anewman [10:06 AM]
wow!  I'm finishing summer planning -- still in midst of remodel.  We're in new offices, but I don't have a desk yet.  a month a counting.  its been crazy but will make for funny memories.
great idea, Cristina

sisaac3 [10:07 AM]
Hi All! Sorry I'm late! We're getting ready for national poetry month - I hang poetry down all the hallways, line by line from the ceiling. It's awesome!

Dave [10:07 AM]
Our sixth graders pick a medieval topic, do a research paper, take on the persona of someone who lived in the middle ages, prepare a costume and a speech and a visual display, and then we invite the 2nd and 4th graders from the elementary school to come visit the Museum

cristinalibrarian [10:07 AM]
Wow -- I love all that you're sharing.
Susie, welcome! You're falling right in line as we share out programming highlights

Evan [10:08 AM]
Just finishing up SRP planning here too. It's been a whirlwind.

cristinalibrarian [10:09 AM]
This is a good reminder: if you ever want to write an additional blog post (or even a collaborative blog post) about a school-age program you're hosting, please let me know. We could have a blog post round-up of all the amazing programs that are happening at your libraries... poetry, fairies, ballpoint pen illustrators, summer, and medieval history?! so cool

sisaac3 [10:09 AM]
I like that idea!

cristinalibrarian [10:10 AM]
I'll think more about it, but maybe our last blog post of this particular SAPS committee is a round-up post --- for June.

cristinalibrarian [10:10 AM]
Ok, well that was an energizing start to our monthly meeting. Welcome, all!
We're going to spend our time mainly checking in about the Tween Maker Launch Pad
Our main task was to migrate information from v5 to the new v1.

cristinalibrarian [10:12 AM]
shared this file:  
Tween Maker Launch Pad v1
Document from Google Drive

cristinalibrarian [10:13 AM]
It looks like it has been challenging for us to be able to do this before this meeting. We have clearly been busy!
@aforrester you have had success in doing this -- any pointers for us?

anewman [10:14 AM]
yep.  :face_with_rolling_eyes:

aforrester [10:15 AM]
I just bit the bullet and spent an hour last night migrating things

anewman [10:16 AM]
I have been challenged with not having access to any of my files, etc --  all my stuff is stuck in movers totes --- maybe we can work out a secondary deadline for later this week or next week?

aforrester [10:16 AM]
brb - customer question

cristinalibrarian [10:16 AM]
I like that suggestion @anewman

aforrester [10:17 AM]
I'm back. :slightly_smiling_face:

cristinalibrarian [10:17 AM]
It's great that @aforrester shared that this is about 1 hour's worth of work

Evan [10:17 AM]
Mid April would be good for me. I'm out for ten days starting Tuesday.

anewman [10:17 AM]
definitely reassuring!!

sisaac3 [10:17 AM]
I *think I migrated my section - is there more I should do by this next deadline?

aforrester [10:17 AM]
It's really not bad, just deciding what fits and what can be reworked to fit better

cristinalibrarian [10:18 AM]
Yes you did, Susie! Didn't meant to leave you out

sisaac3 [10:18 AM]
Awesome! Just wanted to make sure - I leave the country Friday morning for a week.

cristinalibrarian [10:18 AM]
This is what I propose:

Dave [10:19 AM]

cristinalibrarian [10:19 AM]
For those who haven't migrated their sections, let's aim for April 13th:
Using this basic structure:

Evan [10:19 AM]

cristinalibrarian [10:19 AM]
If Your Tweens Like to [insert this certain thing]…
Activity: Robots
       Your Tweens Can…
Construct robots
Take apart a robot
Use coding to complete a design challenge
Make art with a robot
Sorry the formatting isn't working out well in slack, but basically it's:
If your tweens like to do [XYZ]... followed by 1-3 activities that fall into that interest... and then including Tools, Resources, and Interviews

aforrester [10:21 AM]
I had a couple questions as I migrated stuff: Are we keeping our tags? Should we had a subsection for them?

cristinalibrarian [10:21 AM]
Great question Amy!
What does the group think?

lisakimno [10:22 AM]
the tags are useful depending on our final format - only if it's searchable

anewman [10:22 AM]
will it depend on the final "host" ie  blog, or however we finally chose to present it to the public?    I like the idea of tags, but won't miss them.

sisaac3 [10:23 AM]
Maybe we should compile a list of common tags to draw from, so that we don't have a lot of unrelated tags? Does that make sense?

cristinalibrarian [10:24 AM]
What would be the best way to compile them?

aforrester [10:24 AM]
I think we have a list of tags to work from

sisaac3 [10:24 AM]
Maybe we should look at everything we have when we're done and brainstorm tags to use in one of our meetings?
I wondered if we had a list - I might have missed that meeting. Where is that list?

cristinalibrarian [10:25 AM]
That's a great goal, Susie

lisakimno [10:25 AM]
We had a list of tags to work from waaaaaaaaaay back. In one of the very old versions.

cristinalibrarian [10:25 AM]
That's right, Lisa!

Evan [10:25 AM]
Christina, what did the ALA folks say about our project and format?

aforrester [10:25 AM]
Here's what I found in v2 of the toolkit:
Big Budget

Pop up programs--back pocket

Program Room

School Groups
Low tech
wifi/no wifi
Needs precharging
High tech

Lower age range
Upper age range

Diverse populations/special populations
Collection connection


cristinalibrarian [10:26 AM]
Thanks, Amy!

sisaac3 [10:26 AM]

lisakimno [10:26 AM]
There's the link

cristinalibrarian [10:26 AM]
We really need to hone in on the tag categories...
Cost, age, etc.

sisaac3 [10:27 AM]
So where would we put our tags in this new version?

cristinalibrarian [10:27 AM]
Let's table that for our April meeting

sisaac3 [10:28 AM]
Sounds good.

cristinalibrarian [10:28 AM]
@Evan I haven't heard back yet from ALSC re: format/hosting
This is what I posed to them:
Our vision:
•    A web-based resource with ALSC branding that is hosted on the ALSC website. Our recommendation is ALA > ALSC > Publications & Resources > Professional Tools for Librarians Serving Youth under Programming & services for youth.
o    Because Maker programs often have a short lifespan because of changing trends, a web-based tool would allow for regular updates. Perhaps this could be on the work plan for future SAPS committee members.
•    We really like the simplicity and practicality of the design of the Social Justice Toolkbox.
•    We would like something similar that has a simple interface and graphics with just 2 levels of “click-throughs” to access the information.
•    You can see from our Outline that we have 9 major headers that all begin with “If your tweens…”  like to build things; want to be fashion designers; like to draw; want to be film stars, etc.
o    We picture a webpage much like the homepage of the Social Justice Toolbox with copy at the top to introduce the resource and 9 clickable boxes underneath with the “If your tweens…” headings.
o    If you click on any of these 9 headings, you will reach a webpage with activity ideas, links to tools and resources (i.e. website tutorials on how to use a particular Maker product in a library setting), and interviews with librarians.
o    Each of the headings will only have 1 additional page associated with it.
•    We like the easily navigable structure of the Social Justice Toolbox, but prefer the bolder color palette of Visions, Values, and Voice toolkit a lot. We would like to be able to add images to the web resource as well.

As a side note, we voted on Sunday to change the name of the resource from Tween Maker Tookit to Tween Maker Launch Pad. We felt the term “launch pad” was a more accurate descriptor since we’re giving broad strokes for a variety of librarians in a diversity of settings and communities to learn about maker programs.

Questions for you:
•    Would ALSC be able to host something web-based as we envision it?
•    If so, what is the process to move forward to develop something like this?
•    What do you need from me and the SAPS Committee?
•    How would I request graphic support to develop a look / feel for this resource?
•    We’re interested in developing promotional material, such as a postcard to promote this resource at ALSC Institute. How would we go about doing this?
In my email there are links to the toolkits we liked

aforrester [10:30 AM]
Hooray, Cristina! I think you explained and laid things out beautifully and clearly

sisaac3 [10:30 AM]
Wow, Cristina, you have been putting a lot of work into this. Thank you!

Evan [10:30 AM]
Wow! That looks awesome Cristina!!!

cristinalibrarian [10:31 AM]
Thanks, all! We really had a great meeting at Midwinter so it was easy to put the vision down because we worked on it for 3 hours!

lisakimno [10:31 AM]
That's wonderful! It's great to know all this work will have a home!

cristinalibrarian [10:31 AM]
It's great to hear your feedback, all
I'll of course share any updates that I receive (edited)
Ok -- let's move into the Timeline check in

cristinalibrarian [10:32 AM]
shared this file:  
Launch Pad Timeline & Goals
Document from Google Drive

cristinalibrarian [10:32 AM]
Can we each look at this doc?

Dave [10:32 AM]
That's a lot of work!

sisaac3 [10:33 AM]
Cristina, are you anonymous chinchilla? Brilliant name!
Oh, wait, is that something assigned by Google? Awkward...

cristinalibrarian [10:33 AM]
Thanks! It's google generated... :slightly_smiling_face: But I like it!
What would folks add to the timeline?

sisaac3 [10:34 AM]
That sounds good.
Meaning, I can't think of something to add.

aforrester [10:34 AM]
Do we want to have a goal for new info added to the launch pad?
For instance, filling in gaps

cristinalibrarian [10:35 AM]
Tell me more...

aforrester [10:35 AM]
We had a World Emoji Day section, but it doesn't fit the new launch pad structure, so we talked up replacing it
Is that part of our complete migration goal?

cristinalibrarian [10:35 AM]
That's right! Where and when should we discuss that? May?

anewman [10:36 AM]
I think May is good

aforrester [10:36 AM]
May is great

sisaac3 [10:36 AM]
May sounds good.

cristinalibrarian [10:37 AM]
Did I say that correctly? "Discuss any sections that don’t have an existing category"

sisaac3 [10:37 AM]
Or discuss any sections that need more added to them?

cristinalibrarian [10:38 AM]
Another thing is that we had talked at MW Denver is the possibility of switching up the sections that we work on -- but what do you all think?

Evan [10:38 AM]
I can definitely take the "If your Tweens like to draw" section. That was new-ish.

lisakimno [10:38 AM]
I'm open to switching it up, but maybe it's good to just hammer down and finish it

aforrester [10:38 AM]
did we also discuss maybe everyone working on everything

cristinalibrarian [10:39 AM]
That's right, Amy!

sisaac3 [10:39 AM]
Once everything has been migrated in, that sounds good, to switch it up. But we might want to set up some specific agenda items that we should work on when we do that.

cristinalibrarian [10:40 AM]
Ok, so I'm hearing: keep to your sections and migrate to v1 by April 13. At our April meeting we can discuss switching sections.
Thumbs up?

Dave [10:40 AM]
I definitely want to keep my section

cristinalibrarian [10:40 AM]
Evan, feel free to move to Draw

Evan [10:40 AM]
will do

cristinalibrarian [10:41 AM]
Alexa, I can take Build Things and you want to take Fashion?

Evan [10:41 AM]
And I'll drop in what I have for the coding and wedo stuff, including the interview.

cristinalibrarian [10:41 AM]
After we have completed the migration, it will be good for all of us do a bit of copy editing and make sure the the whole Launch Pad has a good flow
After which we hopefully move towards adding our content to the platform that it will live on

lisakimno [10:42 AM]
Maybe we can be assigned to other people's sections for editing

aforrester [10:42 AM]
Col beans, I'm happy to keep my section

anewman [10:42 AM]
sorry had to step away for a moment

cristinalibrarian [10:43 AM]
How many folks know they are coming to Annual in New Orleans?
The in-person meeting was so helpful!

Dave [10:43 AM]
I am coming

sisaac3 [10:43 AM]
I'll be there! Thanks for your heads up on the early bird rate ending!

anewman [10:43 AM]
I'll be there!

cristinalibrarian [10:43 AM]
I'll be there too!

aforrester [10:44 AM]
I'll be there!

lisakimno [10:44 AM]
I will be too pregnant to make it, unfortunately! I'm so sorry to miss so many in-person meetings.

Evan [10:44 AM]
I'll be there.

anewman [10:44 AM]
awww.... we'll miss you,  but Awesome !!!

cristinalibrarian [10:44 AM]
Lisa, congrats again! We'll miss you!

sisaac3 [10:44 AM]
Humid New Orleans would be miserable when you're far along in a pregnancy!

Dave [10:44 AM]
I am serving on Stonewall, but according to the chair, we will not be meeting.

cristinalibrarian [10:45 AM]
That's awesome Dave!

sisaac3 [10:45 AM]
That's awesome, Dave!

cristinalibrarian [10:45 AM]
I just read Little and Lion which was a Stonewall honor I believe

Dave [10:45 AM]
Yes!  It's a great book!

cristinalibrarian [10:45 AM]
Ok, great that so many of us are going to be at Annual
We're moving into our Closing part of our agenda...
And I am thrilled to announce that our very own Alexa will be the new SAPS Chair for 2018-2019!

sisaac3 [10:46 AM]
Good job, Alexa! Way to step up!

cristinalibrarian [10:46 AM]
This will be really wonderful for this project because of the continuity of experience.

Evan [10:46 AM]
Yay! Alexa!

aforrester [10:46 AM]
Hooray! Go, Alexa!

Dave [10:46 AM]

anewman [10:46 AM]
Thanks, ya'll!

cristinalibrarian [10:47 AM]
A few of us are ending our terms... Dave, Lisa, Amy, and myself. So Annual will be a celebration and goodbye for some of us.

lisakimno [10:47 AM]

sisaac3 [10:47 AM]
That will be sad!
Saying goodbye to all of you, I mean.

Evan [10:48 AM]
Wow, that's a lot of you.

cristinalibrarian [10:48 AM]
That being said: I'm moving forward to recommending that this committee has a co-chair and if you're interested in stepping up into that, please let me know. As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into this committee and I think it would benefit from 2 co-chairs. I'd be happy to talk with you more about it

sisaac3 [10:49 AM]
I have to consider first if I'm up for that challenge right now.

cristinalibrarian [10:49 AM]
No pressure! Just wanted to let you know
The work is really gratifying, I will say. :slightly_smiling_face: Working with you all is such a treat

anewman [10:50 AM]
co-chairing is nice -- it does help with division of labor,  I have co-chaired on another committee.
think about it.

cristinalibrarian [10:50 AM]
Before we move into closing, I also wanted to offer another opportunity, which is to offer a webinar.

sisaac3 [10:50 AM]
I'll think about it. It might be a good way to keep myself engaged.

anewman [10:51 AM]
I'm in --   I do a mean powerpoint.

sisaac3 [10:51 AM]
Not the webinar, the co-chair.

aforrester [10:51 AM]
webinar on?

cristinalibrarian [10:51 AM]
There was a subgroup within SAPS that submitted a conference proposal for K-3rd Readers and while it wasn't accepted for Annual, ALSC leadership has suggested it as something co-sponsored with the ALSC Education committee

aforrester [10:51 AM]
i'm so in! I'm always happy to talk about K-3rd stuff, specially beg. readers

anewman [10:52 AM]
so, basically taking all the content from the proposal and making into shiny slides, right?

cristinalibrarian [10:52 AM]

lisakimno [10:52 AM]
I'm interested!

cristinalibrarian [10:52 AM]
Oh cool!
I'll find out how to move forward and get back to you all

Dave [10:52 AM]

sisaac3 [10:53 AM]
Let me know if you need more help.

cristinalibrarian [10:53 AM]
So far, I hear Amy and Lisa interested. If others are too, chime in now, or email me.

sisaac3 [10:53 AM]
I think Alexa said she was, right?

anewman [10:54 AM]
i'm probably in by default...:laughing:

cristinalibrarian [10:54 AM]
You can choose! :slightly_smiling_face:
Great, thanks all!
Before we close, just want to check in about the blog schedule:
We have Amy this month in March, Alexa in April, Evan in May and Susie in June.
I'm happy to take April, May or June if you all need to swap out. I have an idea.

anewman [10:56 AM]
I'm still good with April.

Evan [10:56 AM]
I'm still good for May

cristinalibrarian [10:56 AM]

Dave [10:56 AM]
I could also jump in if needed.  We are just finishing the genrefication of our fiction collection.

sisaac3 [10:56 AM]
I'm still in for June. But I can swap with anyone for an earlier date if they need to swap.

cristinalibrarian [10:57 AM]
Great! If any of you ever have an idea for an additional blog post, you can always reach out to the ALSC Blog master: Mary R. Voors
ALSC Blog manager

Evan [10:57 AM]
Cristina, can you tell us anything about the ALSC institute in September?

cristinalibrarian [10:57 AM]
Ok, that's all folks! Thanks for a great meeting. Please work on your migrations (I'm telling myself this too) and complete them by April 13. I will send a Doodle for our April Meeting. I appreciate all your contributions to our discussion, timeline and goals.

aforrester [10:58 AM]
Thanks, Cristina!

sisaac3 [10:58 AM]
Yes, thanks Cristina!

cristinalibrarian [10:58 AM]
Evan, I don't know much more about it other than what's on the website. I went to the one in Oakland a few years ago.

Evan [10:58 AM]
Do we have meetings there?

cristinalibrarian [10:58 AM]
It's an awesome professional development experience... because it's all so focused on children's services.

anewman [10:58 AM]

cristinalibrarian [10:58 AM]
Our committee only meets at Midwinter and Annual

Evan [10:59 AM]
Ok. Cool. I wasn't sure. I would love to go. Sounds fantastic.

anewman [10:59 AM]
I'm hoping to go to Cinci -- just for the all the presentations etc. no meetings for us.

aforrester [10:59 AM]
For the webinar, should we plan on meeting outside of our April meeting to chat?

sisaac3 [10:59 AM]
I have to run - It was great "seeing" all of you!

cristinalibrarian [10:59 AM]
I'll CC you all on an email to the education committee chair re: the webinar

lisakimno [11:00 AM]

aforrester [11:00 AM]
cool, thanks!

Evan [11:00 AM]
Yes. Have to head here too. Thanks Cristina! Was great seeing everyone.

cristinalibrarian [11:00 AM]
Happy Wednesday!

Dave [11:00 AM]
Thanks, everybody!

anewman [11:00 AM]
bye everyone!!

cristinalibrarian [11:00 AM]

aforrester [11:00 AM]