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20 February 2018 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes February 20, 2018

In attendance: Melody Condron, Joanna Kimmitt, Cody Hanson, Katherine Boden, Becky Yoose, Ranti Junus, Jason Battles, Helen Look, Mark Beatty, Galen Charlton



  • Minute-keeper: Joanna
  • Review minutes from last meeting, below. Any corrections?

 Homework from last meeting:

  • Any additional suggestions for keynote speakers requested by Friday, 1/19; add them directly to the spreadsheet (DONE)
  • Many thanks to everyone for returning comments and 1st/2nd/3rd choices to Melody.
  • Following week, committee members should supply their top three picks for keynoters to Melody macondron@uh.edu by 1/26. (DONE-thank you!)

 ALA Midwinter information/discussion

  • We met briefly for informal discussion
  • ACTION ITEM: need to move monthly minutes to Connect after meetings (Joanna)
    • Joanna will add as their own documents to ALA Connect going forward
  • ACTION ITEM: UX Team should connect with LITA Membership Committee to discuss ideas and collaboration
    • Contact with Jacob Ineichen (chair of Membership) - Becky is already connected, and they were waiting for a location to be solidified.
  • ACTION ITEM: Program Team should connect with Education and Publication Committees to discuss ideas for collaboration
    • People working in education and putting out great publications that are working with events for Education and Publication Committees? Connect to Program Team! If people are presenting well at LITA Forum, connect to Education and Publication Committees for future programming/ITAL articles.
  • Price Change discussion & vote was held at Board Meeting - Mark update
    • Suggested price change - shared feedback and input from committee discussion; board was voting on this.
    • Modified registration fee schedule was passed at the Board meeting at Midwinter
    • Overall costs:
      • Equalizes payment schedule
      • $430 LITA members; $560 ALA members; $645 non-member category
      • Reduction in price for early birds
      • Students $180
      • Preconferences remain similar
      • Speakers & committee members $350
      • Document on ALA Connect
      • Includes more meals; increases appeal for early bird
    • More feedback for Board and staff beyond fall discussion from this committee?
      • Galen sharing information on C4L18: “Side note from Code4Lib 2018 post-conference wrapup discussions - registration fee for the 2018 conference was highest yet - $350 for conference proper plus $60 for attending the preconference workshop day.... and, a bit contrary to expectations, folks were not as price-sensitive as we expected. Code4Lib 2018 was the largest annual conference yet” - raised fee by $75

Hotel/Location RFP Update - Mark?

  • Still don’t have a location set. Jenny will share information ASAP. New language was added per ALA to the contract and returned to the vendor. Hoping for signatures within the next couple of days.
  • Not much to share at this time.
  • This is another reason for repeating location and hotel, making reservations 1-2 years in advance. LITA Office is working with a specific city for a bid for 2020. May be looking at a different for 2019 to give it another chance; this is with Jenny at this time.

Jenny Levine’s Email from 2/20

  • Catering & Food Pricing Discussion
  • Feedback from all: is the conference worthwhile for the mealtime experience?
    • Some feedback for lunches: please keep for networking and conversations
    • Denver had free breakfast because we were staying in the hotel; large price difference between paying for the breakfast and having it provided identically to the main hotel breakfast.
    • Denver (2 half-days, 1 full day in-between): Breakfasts, 1 lunch, reception, coffee/snack breaks morning and afternoon
    • MN (2 full days): 1 evening reception (may be less well-attended), 2 breakfasts, 2 coffee/snack breaks morning and afternoon, 2 lunches
    • Catering group did a combination lunch/PM break package that allowed for the all-day coffee on the full day of the conference; paying for standalone all-day coffee is a budget buster
  • Pros and Cons to changes
    • C4L18 didn’t have breakfast this year; folks missed having the coffee/tea service especially. If we drop breakfast, having coffee/tea service would be preferred. (Becky)
    • Lunch: an idea would be to get a group of food trucks and negotiate to have a ticketing system; 1-2 tickets per person to redeem for part of a meal. Would the hotel allow it? Could we put together a group of trucks that meet dietary restrictions? May not be cheaper than getting lunch catered at the hotel, depends on the hotel’s agreement. (Becky)
    • Much other discussion; summarized below.
  • ACTION ITEM: UX Team will take on for working out details for food trucks, seating, pricing, etc. First, will the hotel allow this in the first place?
  • Food truck website: http://www.mnfoodtruckassociation.org (Cody, thanks!)
  • Dinners: usually networking dinners arranged organically. This practice is working well.
  • 2 Breakfasts & Thursday night reception: feedback
    • Money spent on food at conferences is personally money that could be spent elsewhere. Spending on alcohol gets pricey as well, and having an event without alcohol service could be more inclusive. (Galen)
    • Change to a different Thursday night social event
    • Games, movies, hackathon, quiz bowl, partner with a local organization to put on a memorable event - what makes sense?
    • Could we remove the mid-morning snack break but make sure that there are some breakfast items that people can grab and go to hold on to for a mid-morning snack? (Helen)
    • This isn’t an immediate concern.
    • Set aside some of the savings to cover real-time captioning for keynotes and other events. (Cody can find out what local services will charge for one room, full-day, certain events)
    • ACTION ITEM: Consider and provide feedback for next meeting.

 Keynote Speaker Ideas

  • Thank you for your feedback. The top 5 responses were reviewed.
  • Notes from last time (for context): Keynote compensation/travel reimbursement: Jenny negotiates with the individuals. Paid travel, overnight expenses and hotel, small honorarium in the neighborhood of $500-1000. Some speakers will come for free because it supports their mission, have a grant support, cannot accept a fee, etc. Highly variable! In the past, the group approaches to find out if speakers are interested, and pass along to Jenny to finalize.
  • Next steps for keynotes
    • Waiting on location finalization to move this forward.

Documentation Update - Joanna

  • Need to move Google Folder to LITA-controlled location
  • ACTION ITEM: Joanna will coordinate with Melody and the LITA Office to move folder and other documentation to the LITA Office.
  • If you have other documentation hiding in your personal Drive, please transfer ownership to the group folder.

Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - Ranti - no new action
  • Assessment - Helen & Emily -  
    • Established regular meeting time. Two members resigned because of other commitments and/or they do not want to join LITA.
  • Local Arrangement (not assigned yet) -
    • waiting on RFP & location confirmation
  • Marketing & Web - Katherine -
    • Will draft ideas around the Minneapolis location. Has access to the WordPress site from Mark.
  • Programming - Jason -
    • Out of the country. RFP in progress & coming soon!
    • Looking for suggestions for vetting programs for quality of presentation, program proposal qualities, etc. One idea would be asking for presentation slides ahead of time or sharing examples from previous presentations.
  • Sponsorship - Galen
    • Tabby Farney from last year will be on this team.
    • Compiling list of potential sponsors in Minneapolis area
  • Streaming/Recording - Cody -
    • Twiddling thumbs until location locked in. [melody says: Ha! Yes all waiting :P]
    • Will be reaching out to Ranti and Accessibility for collaboration
  • Conference UX - Becky  
    • Needing to pass on some of the conversation we had today to our humble subcommittee :-)
    • Food truck idea
    • Reception alternatives, including off-site larger events
    • Feedback from Melody - keep the Thursday night event on-site to get connection to the conference for folks just arriving to the location per feedback from Andromeda
    • Food/drink availability throughout conference site
    • (from some time ago - conference zines idea)
    • Get back in touch with LITA membership committee to start getting planning going for UX/Membership collaboration
      • Potential to collaborate for opening session for welcoming attendees to Forum with Membership. Hit the highlights and point out some of the changes.


  • ACTION ITEM: Looking for volunteers to chair or participate on 2019’s Forum Planning Committee;  if you're interested, email Melody
  • ACTION ITEM: think about food & catering issues to discuss on list-serv

 Other Business?