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17 January 2018 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes January 17, 2018

In attendance: Melody Condron, Jason Griffey, Katherine Boden, Ranti junus, Cody Hanson, Galen Charlton, Mark Beatty, Helen Look, Jason Battles



  • Need minute-taker, Joanna out
    • Galen will take notes
  • Review minutes from last meeting, below. Any corrections?

Welcome to 2018

  • Marketing & Web can take over website now
    • Per Mark, 2017 website will need to be preserved but can be turned over thereafter. Will coordinate with Katherine
  • ALAMW - plan to attend live meeting at 10:30am Saturday if you can. (CCC room 605/607)
    • Melody would like to meet with all Chairs who are attending individually if possible. Please add your name below and I will contact you.
    • Attending ALAMW in Denver:
      • Galen Charlton, Jason Battles, Helen Look, Mark Beatty, Ranti Junus
  • Should plan regular meetings with your team to move forward on your plans at this point
  • Working theme in where needed: Building & Leading

Hotel/Location RFP Update

  • Mark checked out location; positive discussion during his trip.
  • Jenny is in negotiations with hotel; contract expected in the next week or so
  • Hoping to be able to announce location by Midwinter, assuming contract is finalized by then
  • If held in this location, dates would be 8-10 November

Price Change Update 2018  http://connect.ala.org/node/270944

  • Will be on the LITA Board agenda at Midwinter; let Jenny know if you have additional feedback

Keynote Speaker Ideas

  • Brainstorm list of possibilities in internal document
  • 11 names suggested so far;
  • ACTION ITEM: Any additional suggestions requested by Friday, 1/19; following week,
  • ACTION ITEM: committee members should supply their top three picks to macondron@uh.edu Melody by 1/26.
  • Notes from last time (for context): Keynote compensation/travel reimbursement: Jenny negotiates with the individuals. Paid travel, overnight expenses and hotel, small honorarium in the neighborhood of $500-1000. Some speakers will come for free because it supports their mission, have a grant support, cannot accept a fee, etc. Highly variable! In the past, the group approaches to find out if speakers are interested, and pass along to Jenny to finalize.
  • Emphases: diversity in speakers, following/supporting the theme ”Building & Leading”/tone for the overall conference.

 Documentation Update - Joanna

  • Looking for volunteers to chair the following year's Forum Planning Committee;
  • ACTION ITEM if you're interested, email Melody

 Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - Ranti - no new report. Waiting for final confirmation of the location to aid the research for accessibility support/services.
    • Per Mark, hotel will do gender-neutral bathrooms
    • Per Mark, not aware of any negative feedback regarding the accessibility of that hotel
  • Assessment - Helen & Emily -  
    • Not much to report
    • Had informal meeting with Ken Varnum and Rachel Vacek
  • Local Arrangement (not assigned yet) - waiting on RFP & location confirmation
  • Marketing & Web - Katherine - No major updates in December.
    • The holidays and illness stalled progress, but I’ll be getting my team ready for our first advertising push in the next couple weeks. Once a date and location have been chosen we’ll do an initial Save the Date on the website and e-blasts.
    • The rest of January and February will be spent setting up all our marketing sources (website, Wiki, eblasts, social media) and developing our content and message so we can start major marketing in March, April, and over the summer.
    • My big goal is to create some amazing visuals (infographic and video) that can serve as invitations once we have the programming finalized.
    • I’m also working on trying to set up some cross promotion at PLA, ACRL, and ALA Annual.
    • Another thing we’re keeping in mind is coordinating with the Programming Committee on potential webinars or slideshares on best practices for presenting.
  • Programming - Jason -
    • We are having a discussion/workshopping session now on the CFP (started email thread last week). I’m breaking my team up and assigning responsibilities this week, with a couple of people working the CFP, myself and one other working on scheduling/slotting/rough schedule for day-to-day programs, and then a couple of people working on the issue of how to evaluate for presenter quality without losing anonymity/ or introducing bias.
  • Sponsorship - Galen
    • Question: do you have additional people working with you? Please add them to the committee list
      • Not at present; will be tapping some folks in person at Midwinter
    • ACTION ITEM: Galen will ask Tabatha Farney (Tabby)
    • February will be my big push; deliverables to include a list of potential national sponsors and document on prospectus ideas for review during Midwinter
    • Would also like guidance on IT and library-adjacent firms that might be open to being one-shot sponsors
    • 2015 sponsors: https://web.archive.org/web/20160201155257/http://litaforum.org/sponsors
  • Streaming/Recording - Cody -
  • Waiting for confirmation on location
  • Conference UX - Becky - No updates. Holding pattern until location confirmation.


  • Any additional suggestions for keynote speakers requested by Friday, 1/19; add them directly to the spreadsheet
  • Following week, committee members should supply their top three picks for keynoters to Melody macondron@uh.edu by 1/26.
  • Looking for volunteers to chair the following year's Forum Planning Committee;  ACTION ITEM if you're interested, email Melody

 Other Business?