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29 November 2017 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes November 29, 2017

In attendance: Melody Condron, Jason Battles, Becky Yoose, Katherine Boden, Joanna Kimmitt, Cody Hanson, Jason Griffey, Mark Beatty, Galen Charlton, Ranti Junus



  • Review minutes from last meeting, below. Any corrections?
    • Place any comments in the document if you do have something to add.
  • As people are added to your subcommittee please add them to the committee member list (internal document).

Review/feedback on Forum 2017 in Denver

  • Reviewed information from the feedback meeting.
  • Melody will email list of feedback items that is specific to each team’s responsibilities.
    • Up to each team to prioritize and make decisions about action items from Forum 2017 feedback.

Theme Discussion

  • Decision: Building & Leading!

Keynote Speaker Ideas

  • New internal document for brainstorming ideas presented
  • Please add your proposed persons/topics to this list for discussion at our next meeting to determine top 3-5.
  • Keynote compensation/travel reimbursement: Jenny negotiates with the individuals. Paid travel, overnight expenses and hotel, small honorarium in the neighborhood of $500-1000. Some speakers will come for free because it supports their mission, have a grant support, cannot accept a fee, etc. Highly variable!
  • In the past, the group approaches to find out if speakers are interested, and pass along to Jenny to finalize.
  • Emphases: diversity in speakers, following/supporting the theme/tone for the overall conference.
  • Melody will send a reminder in a couple of weeks to follow up with potential keynote speakers.

Discussion/response to possible price change for Forum: http://connect.ala.org/node/270944

  • Some discussion already taking place in the Forum 18 listserv
  • Galen - General decline in sponsorship revenue is apparent for us as well as DLF. While we might look to increase sponsorship in the future, we shouldn’t count on it to close the gap. One area we might investigate further is soliciting more for scholarships for attendees. Establishing a fund for folks who work at institutions that do not support travel or professional development could also be an option. Other adjustments to catering could be sources for cutting down on expenses.
  • Melody - sponsorship opportunities for travel for public or special librarians or others who do not receive travel funding. Long-term changes around catering, etc. - this is a structural conversation that likely lies outside the scope of this particular team, though our feedback and ideas are important on this topic! Galen is in charge of sponsorship efforts - feedback here is to consider a number of smaller sponsorships for scholarship assistance.
  • Katherine - if the increase is approved, it will be important for the Assessment team to factor that into conference evaluations.
  • Jason B - noted that non-ALA/LITA members were commenting about the expense of the conference. Giving a break on the early bird rates for this group could encourage their attendance.
  • Melody - lunch on Saturday may or may not make a difference on the conference costs. Concerns from Jenny: making it back on time, eating alone and missing out on social engagement
  • Cody - wait until we have location and feedback from Local Arrangements about lunch options outside the hotel to make this kind of decision. +1 from Becky
  • Becky - food from conference may be a wash on expenses for attendees (wrap into the conference fee or pay on one’s own).
  • Melody - changes from year to year are important to establish for folks’ expectations - what can people expect for coverage?
  • Mark - time schedule/timetable implications as well.
  • Tabled until next meeting.



  • Joanna will be taking the lead on this.
  • Please keep track of your documents, timeline, etc. for handing off to next year’s team.
  • Not only changing things for next year but creating a model for the future.
  • If you have feedback on specific tools, please weigh in, especially wiki modules that work with our LITA documentation site’s WordPress theme.

Assessment Committee Changes

  • In Progress
  • Jackie has moved on to a position outside libraries and sadly has resigned from our committee.
  • Melody is working on contacts to see if she can link up co-chairs.
  • Joanna will help to keep it moving forward in the meantime.

RFP Update

  • Hotel RFP has been out for a few weeks and so far there is one viable response.
  • Jenny may be doing a site visit next month (December). Stay tuned!

Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - Ranti -
    • Divided works between the members. We’re waiting for the official location in order to aid the work to find suitable accessibility service providers (location, cost, etc.)
    • Has time line, but will need to adjust due to not knowing the location yet
    • Will need to discuss with Cody re. Video streaming needs
    • Plan to document our work process to be handed to the next Forum committee (and probably to be reviewed by UX and Assessment teams)
    • Would probably need Jenny (for her hotel visit) to keep an eye on potential accessibility barriers
    • Have a wish list for Galen for potential sponsorships - please CC Melody
    • Plan to develop accessibility documentation for presenters to be shared with Jason Griffey (and shared with presenters) - review last year’s presentation (Amanda Goodman) - Mark still has slide set from Forum 2017 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gs261hJVTZfasEEnPqTK8dnZaTek2PEkJuKm-59rJYk
  • Assessment - Sub-chair Needed -
    • in progress to replace; Joanna taking point until we get to the next step
  • Local Arrangement (not assigned yet) - waiting on RFP
  • Marketing & Web - Katherine -
    • Now that we have a theme, my team will start putting together visuals and Save the Date options for communicating our new vision. I am also going to be contacting people who went to Forum 2017 and posted great quotes on Twitter. I’m going to check if we can use any of those quotes. I do have one random question, will LITA have tables at ALA and PLA? I would love to hand out marketing materials there. I’m going to PLA so I’ll try to contact their leadership and see if I can do anything. Joanna provided contacts to Membership Development (Jacob Iniechen and Robert Wilson) to set up some cross-promotion at Midwinter and Annual.
  • Programming - Jason -
    • Would love some guidance from previous timelines re: CFP, acceptances, etc. We may change it somewhat, but need to have some targets to consider
    • Are we expected to use the ALA proposal tool? If so, can I get access to see how it works/how flexible it is for our purposes? - Mark: not at this time. Suggest using our current Google Form method. Jason: contact Mark to get more information. Google Sheet is easy to auto-load into our WordPress site.
    • Programming will be kicking into gear solidly in January.
    • Looking at some local potential invited presentations.
    • Evaluating quality of presentation, not just quality of content; identify folks who are particularly good at presenting as well as the content itself
    • Hands-on session track - need to make decisions fast for adequate prep time for those presenters
    • Mark - would like to have an announcement of schedule/programs at Annual if at all possible.
    • Melody - feedback on website schedule format this year was that it was less user-friendly; putting in a pin to discuss UX later on in this process.
  • Sponsorship - Galen
    • Feedback received from past sponsorship chair (Taby)
    • Working on sponsorship documentation
    • One particular avenue of investigation: identifying connected people who can act as fundraisers
  • Streaming/Recording - Cody -
    • No substantive updates to report
  • Conference UX - Becky -
    • No major updates for today


  • Melody will be emailing individual subcommittees with feedback from Forum 2017 for your review and potential action.
  • All: please add potential keynote speakers to the Google Doc.
  • Start on documentation - please send to Joanna (joanna.messer@gmail.com) - also share with Joanna if you have a Google Doc.

Other Business?