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9 October 2017 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes October 9, 2017

In attendance: Melody Condron, Jason Battles, Joanna Kimmitt, Cody Hanson, Becky Yoose, Andromeda Yelton, Mark Beatty, Jackie Bronicki, Katherine Boden, Ranti Junus



  • Review minutes from last meeting, below.
    • Place any comments in the document if you do have something to add.
  • As people are added to your subcommittee please add them to the committee member list (internal document).
  • Make sure new subcommittee members are assigned to the committee. New additions will need to fill out the volunteer form. They should be receiving the forum18 emails if correctly appointed. Check in with your subcommittee, please.

Homework from Last Time:

  • Final review of themes discussion document
  • Follow up with volunteers that talked with Jason Griffey & get them plugged in (Melody)
    • Most of the teams have enough staffing to make good progress, excepting Local Arrangements, which is TBD.
  • As you get new committee members please send them to the volunteer form to sign up. http://www.ala.org/aboutala/committees/volunteer/frm_vol

Committee gaps - volunteers from Jason’s list/Jason’s email


Forum 2018 - what (if anything) does your committee need to know from the live event?

  • Committee members attending Forum 2017 in Denver: Melody Condron, Jason Battles, Joanna Kimmitt, Cody Hanson, Andromeda Yelton, Jason Griffey
  • Theme discussion or feedback needed from participants?
    • Using this year’s Forum as a theme discussion time.
    • Melody will add general talking points and add to existing theme discussion document.
  • Keynote speaker suggestion box at registration
    • Using physical box at badge pickup
    • Whiteboard/scatterboard for sharing suggestions
  • Add comment box in post-Forum assessment/evaluation survey for this year to solicit keynote suggestions - have over 50% response rate for survey over the last 3 years, so it will work well.
    • Send suggestions to Jackie Bronicki for assessment
    • 1st Forum - Becky is interested in targeting questions for this group
    • Assessing format change - need to know what the changes are to assess satisfaction
    • Forum 2017 had some 90-minute sessions; Forum 2018 will have some more long-format sessions. Check in with Jason Griffey for assessment on these format changes. Previous year attendance will be key to asking questions.
    • Lightning talks - must sign up ahead of Forum this year to encourage more planning.
    • Will be able to get previous attendee data.
  • What’s the streaming/recording setup? How is it staffed? How does it go?


  • Marketing and promoting proposed changes over the next year - key.
  • We may not select a theme in the end.

RFP Update

  • Melody gave feedback from committee, Jason Griffey provided feedback from Programming.
  • RFP is with the LITA office (Jenny)

Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - Ranti - no update to share. Working on contact info for Fen Lu.
  • Assessment - Jackie -
    • web conference last week for 8 members from variety of libraries who all have assessment experience. Jackie is pulling data from previous assessments. Will send out later today or tomorrow to her subgroup. First task: are we going to add anything to this year’s survey for baseline? People will be looking over the data to see what to add this year to track for next year. Forum 2017 survey will be deployed 1-2 days after the meeting ends. First draft due before Forum, and adjustments can be made.
  • Local Arrangement (not assigned yet) - waiting on RFP
  • Marketing & Web - Katherine -
    • 2 people on committee so far; still waiting to hear back from a couple others.
    • Emailing Mark for listserv advice, use of all the e-blast systems available through LITA/ALA.
    • Researching different avenues for marketing, save-the-date email, communicating changes to format. Working on tone and engagement language, too.  
  • Programming - Jason -
  • Sponsorship - Galen (not in attendance)
    • Have been engaged in doing research of prospectuses for peer conferences
    • Will be issuing call for additional participants for subcommittee on LITA-L today or tomorrow
    • We will have draft of sponsorship prospectus recommendations out for review by the committee and ALA staff by 27 October
  • Streaming/Recording - Cody -
    • Jen Brown & Cody had meeting with Mark for background on equipment and resources already available. In a holding pattern until the venue is set. Want to get a quote or two for professional streaming/recording for our information as we consider doing this on a recurring basis. Best way to assure consistent quality is to pay for it rather than relying on volunteers, but may not be most cost-effective long-term.
    • Also interested in connecting separately with Ranti and Becky to discuss accessibility and UX as it relates to streaming/recording. Concerned about streaming/recording and want to make sure we’re doing it right.
    • Can have this as a sponsorship goal if we have accurate quotes.
  • Conference UX - Becky -
    • We have members! Waiting for movement on RFP process and location selection before next steps. Becky will be contacting group members to welcome them to the group.

New Homework:

  • After Forum 2017: think about keynote speakers. The entire team will decide on these together.
    • In past: list of keynote speakers that folks had brainstormed over the years, used a voting system
    • Suggestion to start fresh, in accordance with the new format and other changes
  • Melody will send Doodle poll for next meeting, shortly after Forum 2017
  • If you will not be at Forum, please contact Melody, Jason, or Joanna if there is something you need to know/info you need to get from Forum 2017 attendees.
    • If you will be at Forum 2017, please list your name in the minutes above so you can join the discussion. Plan to attend the evaluation breakfast if you can.
    • Melody will set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss what we can do while we’re there to advance Forum 2018.
    • Melody will also email the full list to see if others will be attending and then move to a smaller list.

Other Business?