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29 June 2017 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes June 29, 2017

In attendance: Katherine Boden, Becky Yoose, Ranti Junus, Melody Condron, Cody, Jason Griffey, Jackie Bronicki, Jason Battles, Lindsay Cronk



  • Review minutes from last meeting (June 1). Any corrections?
  • Please add your name to last meeting’s minutes if you attended.
  • As people are added to your subcommittee please add them to the committee member list
  • Communal minutes: please add your notes

Reviewed notes from informal ALA Annual meeting and discussion.


Conference Theme - Discussion

  • Could theme be related to the location? Programming says that would not hinder their process so this can be a longer discussion (can wait until location is settled in the fall)

RFP Discussion

  • Reviewed RFP from 2016
  • Reviewed RFP Needs/Concerns Document
  • RFP feedback is needed by the end of July. Comments will be submitted to Jenny and Mark so that they can write the RFP with their own language.

Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - Ranti - reviewing ALA Accessibility documentation as well as from other conferences as well; need to contact my subcommittee member (Shawn Vaillancourt) for planning; need to create list of hotel accommodation needs and share them with Mark B. and Jenny L.
  • Assessment - Jackie - I'm just starting on my work.  I need to populate the committee in the next month or so.  As our job comes later in the conference we have a much longer timeline.  I've read last assessment report for historical perspective.
  • Local Arrangement (not assigned yet)
  • Marketing & Web - Katherine - talking with possible new members, researching different resources and marketing avenues.
  • Programming - Jason - has 2 committee members & expect at least 2-3 more; interested to talk with Vincci and Fen Lu about possible involvement.
  • Sponsorship (Galen?) -
  • Streaming/Recording - Cody -  Working on getting another member or two on board. Had a good conversation with Melody and Jason. We discussed the range of possibilities for streaming/recording. Ideal: Stream/record everything professionally. More likely: Stream/record keynotes. Consider having one room where talks are streamed/recorded. Will need to work with programming to get sign-off from presenters at the time of proposals. Note: strong feelings from steering committee about using Facebook live streaming! May need to talk with accessibility about live transcription for streaming.
  • Conference UX - Becky - updating document and looking to talk to people who have only attended one forum.

Homework from Last Time (review):

  • Cody will follow up with Jenny about use of the Slack channel litaforum.slack.com
  • Conference UX/Accessibility brainstorm for post-election impact at the conference
  • Remind new members they do not need to attend Steering Committee unless they want to

New Homework:

  • Think about theme & add to the document (closed to committee members)
  • RFP comments in by the end of July
  • Melody will send Doodle polls for next meeting

Other Business?