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1 June 2017 - Meeting Agenda & Notes

Meeting Agenda & Notes June 1, 2017

In attendance: Becky Yoose, Jason Griffey, Katherine Boden, Ranti Junus, Melody Condron, Cody Hanson, Jason Battles



  • Remind sub-committee members they do not have to attend Steering Committee meetings - only chairs need to attend although all are welcome.
  • Anyone using Slack channel? If so, how are you using it?
  • We will start meeting monthly to start - I will send a new Doodle Poll after today’s meeting


Conference Theme - Discussion

Must fit with vision of "a welcoming, thoughtful conference with hands-on experiences and leadership training"

  • Should be set before RFP
    • Melody will create a document with this year’s RFP where we can discuss this further
      • “Build Something, Experience First-Hand”
      • “Engage”


RFP Review & Timeline

  • Avoid election or week[end] before
  • Is it desired, and if so is it possible, to have a quiet room?
    • Dedicated quiet room as well as a room for nursing mothers to pump milk?
  • If childcare is onsite, room for them?
  • Depending on program, spaces for impromptu unconferences or BoFs
  • Concierge services
  • Tech needs, and guarantees if they don’t meet them
  • Catering
    • What events need to be catered
    • What does the budget look like if attendee count is much lower or higher than expected
    • What are the costs of particular events (so we can put them in the sponsor prospectus)
    • What are the opportunity costs - are there events where we are willing to forego catering in order to fund awesome things we couldn’t otherwise have
    • What are the options for meeting various dietary needs (food allergies, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal…)
    • And labeling the food for allergens or ingredients!


Review Responsibilities & Expectations Document


Roll Call for Sub-Committees

  • Accessibility - has started brainstorming, will need additional people
  • Assessment (no report)
  • Local Arrangement (no report)
  • Marketing & Web - has started brainstorming, will need additional people
  • Programming - needs people & wrapping brain around openness of changes
  • Sponsorship (no report)
  • Streaming/Recording - needs more members
  • Conference UX - working on brainstorming & needs members
    • Becky has a possible recruitment plan, but needs some vetting before launching into world domination mode.


  • Chairs meet with Jason & Melody - Melody will send Doodle polls
    • Review sub-committee guiding document
    • Discuss sub-committee members and how many needed by when
    • Discuss possible timelines/deadlines
  • Each Sub-Committee should have a folder in the 2018 Forum Folder
    • Create brainstorming document if needed
    • Start meeting with your group
  • Build your team & let us know if you need help - contact Andromeda to get “official” committee appointment for new people
  • Cody will follow up with Jenny about use of the Slack channel litaforum.slack.com
  • Conference UX/Accessibility brainstorm for post-election impact at the conference


Other Business?