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27 April 2017 - Kickoff Meeting

27 April 2017 - Kickoff Meeting!



In attendance: Cody Hanson (@codyh), Andromeda Yelton (@ThatAndromeda), Jason Battles (@jjbattles), Becky Yoose (@yo_bj), Katherine (@katethegreat248), Mark Beatty (@mbeatty), Jenny Levine (@shifted), Ranti Junus (@ranti), Melody Condron (@MTbeekeeper)


  • Go over conference inspirations -- any questions?
  • Discussion
    • Cody: EDUCAUSE Connect conference model: interactive style. Something we probably can see if it works for LITA Forum as well
    • Budget - we’re going to need to have group decisions on that.
      • The more sponsorship we can attract, the more options we have.
      • Are there things we have previously done that we want to cut in order to do new things? We don’t have to do things the way we have if we don’t want to.
      • Convening the group early = opportunity to have these discussions before contracts are signed
      • There should be some openness about budget lines available for each subcommittee

Committee structure

  • Status of appointments/hopes for each role
  • Questions?
  • Any missing roles or people?
    • We should definitely have a sponsorship committee - Andromeda Yelton will appoint someone


Melody/handoff - where we will go from here / timeline & logistics

  • Slack channel?
  • list-serv/email to start
  • Meet monthly in the beginning at least- all sub-committees at first, then split
  • Month one:
    • Read over forum assessment task force info
    • Begin to brainstorm about what changes you would like to see in Forum specific to your sub-committee
    • Talk to possible sub-committee members
    • Get-together at ALA Annual 2017