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ULS Academic Outreach January 2018 Meeting Notes

ULS Academic Outreach January 2018 Meeting Notes:

Attendees: Kristen Mastel, Chris Davidson, Barb Eshbach, Annah Hackett, Beth Roszkowski, Rosan Mitola, Amy Wainwright, Cat Silvers

Announcement: If your committee term is ending this June, and you want to be reappointed, remember to fill out the committee volunteer form. Terms and the list of committee members can be viewed here.

1. Feedback on fall discussions--what went well, what worked, what should we do differently?

Tech issues:

  • Sending out the wrong link

  • Instructions seem ok, no issues

2. Thoughts on Civic Engagement session and running it as open versus closed and how the discussions went?

  • We reviewed the feedback from attendees. One suggestion was to create a series about this topic. The committee discussed the suggestion and do not think we should create a series at this time. We could certainly offer a series in the future, but we want to move on to other topics, especially since we ran the same topic twice in a row.

  • Amy suggested that the discussion seemed to talk around the topic we had originally planned - that it ended up focusing more on community engagement

  • We discussed whether we should remove the first Civic Engagement session. Since we advertised the session as being recorded, the group agreed we should keep it up and posted.

3. Setting up Spring 2018 discussions

  • Due to repeating Civic Engagement, we adjusted the schedule for the following:

    • How to Advocate for Outreach Efforts (January 2018)

    • Outreach on a Budget (or lack thereof) (March 2018)

    • Reaching Adjuncts, Grads and Post Docs (May 2018)

  • See your volunteer commitments for January, and please sign up for positions for March and May here (if possible by Fri, January 12).

    • Note: We need a facilitator for January to start working on the intro and questions. Please share these with the other facilitators and the rest of the committee for feedback / suggestions.

4. We will not be meeting at ALA Midwinter, and today’s meeting should set us up fully for spring.

5. ALA Annual Schedule update - Beth & Rosan requested a Saturday afternoon meeting.  

  • Please think about ideas for a discussion to be held at the meeting. Instead of dedicating the entire meeting to committee business, we want to offer a conversation for people coming on the committee and/or those interested in what we’re all about.

  • One suggestion: potentially use a roundtable discussion from the past - revisiting an older topic, and use those as a conversation / example of what the roundtables are all about

As a reminder, please email suggestions or questions to Beth & Rosan