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Webinar: Be Your Own Mentor: Take Control of your Professional Development

The ACRL Instruction Section Management & Leadership Committee is excited to announce the first in our series of three online professional development opportunities of interest to instruction coordinators and librarians with instruction responsibilities.

Be Your Own Mentor: Take Control of your Professional Development:

Recording Date02/22/2018 1:02PM CST

Recording:  http://ala.adobeconnect.com/pjzcgra7y9qt/


Finding a mentor who works well for you can be both challenging and frustrating. Mentor-mentee matching programs are a great idea and work beautifully for some librarians in specific contexts. What happens when you outgrow, mismatch or need specialized or temporal mentoring? How do you understand the scope of your need? How do you get to the "why" behind building this relationship?

In this program, audience members will assess their resources and needs, develop a short list of possible mentors for those needs, identify their personal goals and what they hope to provide a mentor through this relationship. Further, audience members will consider how to build an effective relationship with both accountability and an assessment plan to help both the mentor and mentee understand if goals have been met. Finally, time will be given to ensure audience members consider how best to share the skills and understanding they acquire through this relationship.

Presenters: Mandy Havert is the graduate outreach services librarian with the Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame. Her experience as both staff and faculty in more than two decades of professional work and activities has formed her thoughts and directions about mentorships and how to get the most where it’s needed.
Wendy Doucette is an Assistant Professor and the Graduate Research and Instruction Librarian at East Tennessee State University. Formally trained as an Engineering Manager at Lucent Technologies, Wendy teaches reality-based time management and self-marketing.