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2017-2018 DLS Exective Board Meeting Agenda 6 April, 2018


April 5, 2018

1:30-3:00 pm, EST.


1)     Call to order.

2)     Corrections/Additions to the Agenda.

3)     Approval of minutes: 6 March, 2018 (Michael Courtney) http://connect.ala.org/files/2018.03.07%20DLS%20Exec%20Board%20Meeting%20Minutes.docx

4)     Chair’s remarks.

(a)   Megan Griffin: DLS’s yearly subscription to Survey Monkey (covering 3.16.2018 to 3.15.2019 in the amount of $336) was debited to the DLS basic services budget on 3.16.2018.

(b)   Congratulations to Sarah J. Hammill, Business & Online Learning Librarian at Florida International University for being named ACRL DLS Member of the Month!

5)     Action Items.

a)     Approve funding for Distance Library Services Conference Reception (Heathcock & Joy)

6)     Committee Reports

a)     Awards Committee (Nowicki & Thomes.)

b)    Communications Committee (Ziegler & Hawes)

c)     2018 ALA Annual Conference Planning Committee (Courtney & Haber)

d)    Membership, Events, & Fundraising Committee (Heathcock & Joy.)

e)     Strategic Planning Committee. (Ferrance & Hebert.)

f)     Instruction Committee (Keba & Bhasin)  

g)    Discussion group (Wharton & Hogan.)

h)     Mentoring Committee (Fulkerson & Davis.)

i)      Research & Publications (Girton & Renirie.)

7)     18th DLS Conference and plans for ACRL-DLS participation. (Renirie & Buck)        

8)     Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 1:30-3:00 EST. (“GoTo Meeting” log-in instructions will be distributed.)

9)     Adjourn.