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Presentations from TSWEIG meeting at ALA Midwinter 2018

The presentations from our meeting at ALA Midwinter 2018 have been posted. Below are the summaries and their files:


If We Can, You Can!
By Jessalyn Zoom, Library of Congress

Jessalyn shared her experience of developing efficient workflows, utilizing staff’s strengths and skill sets, and developing staff members and expanding their horizon at the History and Military Science Section.


Simply visualizing technical services infrastructure using draw.io
By Gina Solares, University of San Francisco

Gina presented her usage of a free online diagram software, draw.io, to create a simple visual chart of acquisitions, cataloging, and systems infrastructure. This chart was then used to highlight budget needs, technical challenges, and work dependencies in communication with staff in and outside of technical services.


The (workflow) map is not the territory
By Liz Woolcott & Robert Heaton, Utah State University Libraries

Liz and Robert shared some of the lessons they learned in relation to bringing the workflow mapping back to reality, putting the resulting documents to work in training, refining existing processes, making organizational changes, communicating with stakeholders, and evaluating current and potential services at the Technical Services Division.


Automation of creating Korean records for orders
By Hyoungbae Lee, Princeton University

Hyoungbae demonstrated a macro he developed using AutoIt Macro Language and Microsoft Excel plugin to expedite the acquisition of Korean materials. This macro collect appropriate bibliographic information, create romanization following ALA-LC rules, and generate MARC order records accordingly.