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2018 Midwinter Conference Building Partnerships Meeting Notes

ALA Midwinter Conference: Denver, Colorado

ALSC Building Partnerships Committee

All-Committee Meeting

Sunday, February 11th, 2018, 8:30-11:30



  • Co-Chair, Jackie Cassidy; Co-Chair, Soraya Silverman-Montano; Amanda Bressler; Shari Fesko; Leigh Fox; Doris Gebel; Anna Krueger; Erin Nguyen; Maren Ostergard; Mary-Kate Sableski; Hadeal Salamah; Priority Group Consultant, Lisa Kropp.

ALSC Update

  • Youth and adult mental health first aide training may be available in your area.
  • ilovelibraries.org has the presentation recorded: Toxic Stress in the Library: The Upstream Impact of Life Adversity on Children.
  • There is a new online ALSC Volunteer form http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms/alscforms. Please submit new form; old forms where not transferred. Jamie Campbell-Naidoo will start process committee assignments after ALA Midwinter Conference.
  • For the latest on Library Advocacy check http://www.districtdispatch.org/.
  • 2018 ALSC National Institute in Cincinnati, OH is September 27-29. Early bird registration ends June 29.
  • Please complete the Batchelder Award Evolution Task Force Survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/95XKB3D.
  • Check out the new Public Library and School Library Collaboration Toolkit www.ala.org/alsc/plslc-toolkit.

ALA Connect

  • ALA Connect is our committee communication channel and archive for incoming members. As such, please make sure to post first to ALA Connect, including but not limited to:
    • ALSC Blog Post drafts (This group only),
    • Links to collaborative subcommittee documents (This group only),
    • Quarterly Committee Reports (Public),
    • Virtual chat schedule (Public).

Subcommittee Work

  • Jackie will create and invite committee members to use a Google Calendar for important committee and subcommittee dates, including meeting and deadlines.
  • Webpage Content: Develop and organize the content and resources of the Building Partnerships webpages (http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms/pg6partnerships/als-lia and http://www.ala.org/alsc/externalrelationships/organizations).  This includes adding to the pages as we build our own resources and researching and collecting resources on building partnerships from other organizations.
    • Subcommittee work plan for before Annual Conference:
      • Putting Database on website.
      • Find outdated information on ALSC and update/remove.
      • Link all ALSC Blog posts to organization information on the List of Organizations
      • Jackie will add column to spreadsheet
      • Contact Laura Schulte-Cooper, ALSC Program Officer, Communications about website updates
      • Assessing Community Needs: Research tools for reaching out to communities in order to access their needs and how libraries can help. Additionally, find (and build/adjust for library use) tools to determine which partnerships to pursue, once the need has been accessed.
        • Subcommittee work plan for before Annual Conference:
          • Create an elevator speech for approaching partners
          • Research how to do a community assessment (find 3-4 resources for each below):
            • Surveys
            • Community mapping
            • Daily/seasonal schedule of what’s happening in your community
            • Focus groups
  • Meet in mid-April.
  • Best Practices: Research/develop resources that explain the various levels of partnerships, such as collaboration, cooperation and partnership, and best practices for building and maintaining them.
    • Subcommittee work plan for before Annual Conference:
      • Gather existing research, toolkits and examples of partnerships
      • Post to Google.doc research on best practices by March 16th
      • April 20th time TBA conference call. Jackie will send out.
      • Considering survey to collect more data on best practices

Organization Partnership Database:

  • Jackie created a Google Form for us to submit new entries into the spreadsheet to help maintain consistency and uniformity in the document.
  • Now that we have the core document, we will continue to build on the database.  Each member will be required to submit five new organizations each year before we meet at Annual. 
  • New entries can be a national, state or local organization.  Please be sure to list the most predominant “partnership type” and list as much contact information as possible when adding new entries.
  • Each member will also be assigned about 10 existing organizations in the database to maintain the correct contact information throughout the year. Jackie will add a column for date last updated.


Meeting Schedule

  • We will meet virtually using Zoom chat (with the option to call in) on the months that the Committee Quarterly Report is due—May, September and December. We will skip February since it is so close to Midwinter meeting.
  • Meeting time: 1st Thursday of the month at 12 pm PST/ 2 pm CST/ 3 pm EST.
  • If you haven’t used it before, you can register here: https://zoom.us/signup or you can use the app from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the app and registering here: https://zoom.us/download
  • Direct links to the Zoom Chats

ALSC Blog Post Schedule:

  • Please share Blog post drafts on ALA Connect for sharing and comments from the committee by 14th of the month.
  • Posts are due by midnight every 17th of the month, posts on the 19th of the month.
  • Jackie will add photo release form to ALA Connect
  • All committee members will write for the ALSC Blog. Upcoming ALSC Blog responsibilities:
    • February-Hadeal
    • March-Keturah
    • April-Leigh
    • May-Anne
    • June-Soraya

Quarterly Reporting Form Questions to Consider

  • What collaborations would you like to initiate with other ALSC or ALA committees to help further your work?
  • What activities would you like to pursue for future education topics, publications, or online resources?
  • What gaps in research do you see in this area?

ALSC Work Requests

  • At Annual Conference, committee will discuss work plan to update:
    • State consultants list
    • iSchool contact list
    • Erin will send links to current lists
    • Question: Who currently maintains these lists?