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ALAMW18 SPVS Meeting Minutes

AASL-SPVS 2018 Midwinter Meeting

Saturday, February 10, 12:00pm -- 2:30pm

Hilton Denver City Center, Nat Hill Room



Stephanie Ham (president), Mary Keeling, Lori Donovan (past president), Maria Petropulos, Monica Treptow, Rachel Altobelli, Sarah Searles (Representative to AASL Board), Erin Downey (secretary), Dana Kerrigan, Melissa Iamonico, Pam Berger


  1. Introductions

  2. 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes: Moved by Lori Donovan, Mary Keeling seconded, unanimous vote to approve.

  3. Review of section activities since 2017 Annual Meeting

    1. AASL National Presentations

      1. Advocacy Begins with Each of Us: Resources and Strategies to Foster Administrator and School Librarian Partnerships - Priscille Dando, Fairfax County Public Schools; Deborah Levitov, Libraries Unlimited; Michelle Folk; Audrey Church, Longwood University

      2. All History is Local: Making History Matter through Primary Sources - Cassandra Barnett, Arkansas. Department of Education

      3. Beyond Identifying Fake News: Providing Effective Media Literacy PD to Librarians, Teachers, and Parents - Erin Downey; Susan Grigsby, Elkins Pointe Middle School; Suzanna Panter

      4. Someone Should Do Something, and I'm Someone: Empowering Leaders to Empower Learners - Sarah Searles, Knox County Schools; Stephanie Ham

      5. Using Student Generated Questions to Shift Inquiry Practices Beyond the Horizon - Lori Donovan, Chesterfield County Public Schools; Lynne Bland, Chesterfield County Public Schools

      6. Untitled Leadership for the Unauthorized Revolution - Erin Downey, Boise School District


Questions for 2019 AASL Conference:

Do we need to campaign for better time slots?

Can we have a dedicated session for SPVS section?

Standards Implementation Task Force- Mary Keeling

News You Can Use session at ALAMW18--first exposure for many librarians

Recognize that the “newness” of standards will persist for several years.

Suggested Action Items for implementation in our districts:

  • Review implementation toolbox now and often.

  • Utilize discussion board on standards.aasl.org.

  • Find webinar archives, especially Ellen McNair/Jeannie Phillips Using the Standards to Further Your Instructional Leadership (these are freely accessible through May)

Ongoing Implementation committee working to crosswalk standards, likely examining scope/sequence processes.


Board Action Item: Stephanie will draft a request to recommend free and open access to webinar archives on Standards site indefinitely, at least to AASL members.


Sarah Searles, AASL Board Report

  • Announcement: Advocacy & Legislative conference calls as they currently exist are being repurposed to quarterly webinars. First one is March 1, 6pm.

  • Libraries Ready to Code initiative completed Phase I, white paper available. Phase II just completed with 6 participants, expect white paper prior to Annual. Phase III is a call for grants ending in October.

  • Peter Hepburn, ALA presidential candidate, introduction

  • Carl Harvey--budget analysis & review committee (BARC), checks and balances member budget review process

  • Karen Downing from ALA Exec Board--our people need to contact ACRL to talk about how students arrive in their libraries

    • Planning And Budget Assembly Meeting, 2pm Sunday

    • Council II meeting 10am Monday

  • ALA Committee on Legislation--expect another rocky year for IMLS; See ala.org/fundlibraries for “Dear Appropriator” letters and whether your legislator has signed

  • Task Force for ESSA Implementation term is extending

  • Copyright/Permissions issues for rolling out standards and presenting them to staff--watch for statement coming up on intellectual property stewardship

  • Voted to establish task force to look at OER and AASL’s role in Go Open movement

  • Voted in support of Practice Committee recommendations to create a task force to research positions that have been cut or underreported.

  • Board encouraged to comment on Knowledge Quest blog posts--makes it a community-building opportunity, not just content-producing

  • If you work with local university partners, AASL started in December a program where if our standards are used as a textbook, students will receive AASL membership for free

  • 2018 SPVS Candidates for AASL positions--Mary Keeling, President-Elect; Rachel Altobelli, Region 6 Director; Sedley Abercrombie, SPVS Chair-Elect; Susan Gauthier, SPVS Chair-Elect; Maria Petropulos, Region 7 Director


Sylvia Norton

ALA Board Updates: ALA currently reevaluating structure, communications, revenue streams, employment, office locations


Communication and Membership:

  • Where is Connect going? Would a listserv serve us better and connect more people? How do we coach people to do this?

  • Stephanie will get SPVS membership group info from Allison.

  • Remind users about Facebook group.

  • Could we do a welcome email with some of these resources?

  • Why is there a disconnect between people who want volunteers and people who want to volunteer? Why aren’t they finding one another?


AASL Guests: Kathryn Lewis, Steven Yates

Invite: AASL Connection, March 1, 7pm EST. Advocacy and Legislative Action conference calls restructuring. Expected to happen quarterly. Submit section update to Steven. Jim Neil will be heading up conversation of advocacy ecosystem.


Suggestion from Stephanie: Carve out time for supervisors’ meeting/collaboration at AASL conference?


Audrey suggests taking the same track as educators of school librarians section to secure set preconference time for research and session time for SPVS.


What is the process for making this space at AASL? Create proposal and send to Exec Board. Sarah Searles has the contact details.


Erin wants an Advocacy Bootcamp preconference at AASL for supervisors.


Want to volunteer? Best time to complete Get Involved form: Oct-January are the best time to fill out to get appointed for projects. Even if you want to say “Hey, we need a supervisor on X committee.” http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/emf/aasl/getinvolved


ALA Annual New Orleans

Schedule not live until April; no word on whether SPVS members have been accepted


AASL Standards

Discussion meeting this morning examined what standards implementation is starting to look like. Many are not sure how standards are going to wind up informing in-building practices.

We paid a lot of attention to how the areas of the standards intersect significant concerns in buildings and districts, and what programs/interventions already exist.


Also seen as a good groundwork for teacher and program evaluation, or explaining the role of the school library in teaching and learning.


Something we keep returning to is “This is nothing new.” It’s something we regularly do, just a lens that we can apply to existing initiatives.


Maria did an excellent job describing how the 6 shared foundations integrate with the inquiry-based model in their district.


Next Steps:

  • Erin will investigate Lunch and Learn through Google Hangouts and schedule a trial or two.

  • Stephanie will get a list of all group members and let them know how to use Connect.

  • Stephanie will draft a request to recommend free and open access to webinar archives on Standards site indefinitely, at least to AASL members.

  • Stephanie will follow up on how to get specific times for SPVS section at AASL conference.


Movement to adjourn at 2:14pm  by Stephanie Ham. Seconded by Rachel Altobelli.