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ACRL EBSS Executive Committee Minutes, Midwinter 2018

ACRL EBSS Executive Committee Midwinter Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: Friday, January 19, 2018, 3:00 PM EST

Location/Mode: Virtual via WebEx

Convener: Joyce Garczynski

Minute taker: Samantha Godbey


Members Present: Yu-Hui Chen (Member-at-Large), Joyce Garczynski (Chair), Samantha Godbey (Secretary), Cassandra Kvenild (Member-at-Large), Jill Morningstar (Vice-Chair), Tina Mullins (Web Editor), Kaya Van Beynen (Past-Chairperson)

Guests: Rachael Elrod, Mandy Havert, Dan Zuberbier


Call to order (J. Garczynski) – 3:00

Approval of Agenda - Committee voted to approve agenda.

Minutes – Minutes of the June 25, 2017, EBSS Executive Committee Meeting were approved virtually and are available at: http://connect.ala.org/node/268499



Chair (Joyce Garczynski)

  • Cleaned up rosters on website

  • Promoting EBSS on social media to increase engagement with section

  • ALA Program proposal not accepted, will be presenting as a panel instead

  • Advisory meeting virtually for annual this year, each committee can decide whether to meet virtually or at All-Committee meeting


Vice Chair (Jill Morningstar)

  • Christina Cicchetti might be absent for Annual, if so we will need someone to facilitate Research Libraries Forum to be held Fri, June 22, 2:30-3:30  pm

    • Committee discussed process for finding replacement, decided to start with Advisory if needed

    • Jill will confirm whether Christina will be able to go and whether topic has been identified.

  • Stephanie Davis-Kahl (Awards Committee Chair) asked for update re: adding a monetary award to Distinguished Librarian Award

    • Joyce will follow up with our ACRL Board Liaison (Kim Leeder Reed)


Past Chair (Kaya van Beynen) – no report


Secretary (Samantha Godbey)

  • Is working with chairs to get caught up on minutes from past year.


Members At-Large (Cassandra Kvenild and Yu-Hui Chen)

  • Will be sending out email soon for topics for spring discussion (Y. Chen)





Budget Requests:

  • Reference Sources and Services Committee

    • Need to establish policy for future requests like this to ensure fairness/consistency

    • Committee discussed setting up a specific amount to be given each year, since we often have extra money. In the past we have donated this to the scholarship fund.

    • Request approved unanimously

  • 50th Anniversary Committee

    • $1000 approved unanimously

  • Remaining $270 kept for Awards Committee and unexpected expenses


Transforming the Listserv Administrator position to a Communication Manager position:

  • No concerns voiced by members.

  • Joyce will write description of position and share with Advisory and Executive for feedback




Adjournment (J. Garczynski) – Meeting adjourned at 3:26 pm.


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