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LES virtual Midwinter meetings

Hello all,

Here are the dates and times for LES virtual Midwinter 2018 meetings:


LES Midwinter Reference Discussion Group
Friday, February 9, 2018
1:00pm Central

Co-Conveners: Glenda Insua, Alex Watson

WebEx room for the meeting can be accessed via this link:


Topics for discussion:

  • ACRL Framework: How have you used the framework in your work? Which ACRL frame do you find most useful in your reference work (or instruction)?
  • Liaison work: How has your role changed (or not) in the past few years? What kind of services do you provide for faculty and/or students?
  • If time permits, we'd be interested in anything else you'd like to discuss.



LES Collections Discussion Group
Thursday February 15, 2018  
11:00 am Central 

Co-conveners: Naomi Lederer, Leslie Madden

WebEx Room URL (Please do not enter the meeting room more than 15 minutes before the start time):




Topics for Midwinter are:

  • Non-traditional collections, e.g. graphic novels. How to collect and promote.
  •  Electronic Collections for English (Early English Books Online, etc.) What has been collected? What is wanted to be collected? What is anyone sorry they collected?
  •  Free Web resources we use in Literature (e.g. Bartleby.com)
  •  Other per attendee suggestions