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2018 Midwinter Meeting Board Discussion Documents

This page lists all of the Board Discussion Documents for the February 10, and February 12, 2018, Board meetings.

Join the meeting online at http://ala.adobeconnect.com/litaboard. Recordings will be available through the 2019 Annual Conference.

The 2018 Midwinter Board Information Documents are listed in a separate post.


MW DOC #18-1 2018 Midwinter Board Meeting Agenda rev1 (PDF)


MW DOC #18-2 Approve November 17, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)
MW DOC #18-3 President's Report (PDF)
MW DOC #18-4 Vice-President's Report (PDF)
MW DOC #18-5 Division Councilor's Report
MW DOC #18-6 Executive Director's Report (PDF)
MW DOC #18-7 Accept Rowman and Littlefield January 2017 Publishing Report (Private PDF file in ALA Connect)
MW DOC #18-8 Accept ALA Editions January 2018 Sales Report (PDF)
MW DOC #18-9 Approve Interest Group Renewals (PDF)
MW DOC #18-10 Approve Machine and Deep Learning Research Interest Group (PDF)
MW DOC #18-11 Approve Education Acquisition Editor Job Description (Online vote)


MW DOC #18-12 2018 Election Slate (Private PDF file in ALA Connect)
MW DOC #18-13 Modify LITA Forum Registration Fee Schedule (Updated) (PDF)
MW DOC #18-14 FY2018 December Budget Narrative (PDF)
MW DOC #18-15 FY2018 December Summary Budget (XLSX)
MW DOC #18-16 FY2018 December Full Budget (XLSX)
MW DOC #18-17 LLAMA ALCTS LITA Realignment Working Document (PDF)
MW DOC #18-18 LITA Membership Statistics (Google Spreadsheet)
MW DOC #18-19 2017 Membership Overlap Report (Google Spreadsheet)
MW DOC #18-20 LLAMA ALCTS LITA Financial Operating Results, FY2012-17 (Google Spreadsheet)

I will add files to the list as new documents come in.

To download all of the documents at once, use the "Download attached files in one zip file" link beneath the list of attachments.

February 5, 2018 Update: Added Guest at 3pm during Board I on Saturday