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Midwinter Agenda--Comments & Additions Welcome

ALSC Building Partnerships Committee
Agenda: Sunday, February 11th, 2018 All-Committee Meeting
ALA Midwinter Conference: Denver, Colorado 

Introductions & Announcements

ALSC Update

ALA Connect

Subcommittee Work

  • We haven’t had much of an opportunity to work on our subcommittees unfortunately.  We’d like to use most of the time we have here to split into our respective groups to flesh out some concrete projects to work on over the next six months. 
  • Our three groups are:
  1. Webpage Content: Develop and organize the content and resources of the Building Partnerships webpages (http://www.ala.org/alsc/aboutalsc/coms/pg6partnerships/als-lia and http://www.ala.org/alsc/externalrelationships/organizations).  This includes adding to the pages as we build our own resources and researching and collecting resources on building partnerships from other organizations.
  2. Assessing Community Needs: Research tools for reaching out to communities in order to access their needs and how libraries can help. Additionally, find (and build/adjust for library use) tools to determine which partnerships to pursue, once the need has been accessed.
  3. Best Practices: Research/develop resources that explain the various levels of partnerships, such as collaboration, cooperation and partnership, and best practices for building and maintaining them.
  • Things to work on today:
    • Create a tentative meeting schedule to discuss work outside of conference
    • Brainstorm projects that align with your subcommittee that you are interested in pursuing.
    • Assign duties to each committee member and write out ideas on what your project(s) will look like or what you hope to achieve by June.
    • Create a communication channel to maintain conversations held.
    • Figure out what resources are needed or who in ALSC we need to be working with to accomplish your project(s).

Organization Partnership Database:

  • Jackie created a Google Form for us to submit new entries into the spreadsheet to help maintain consistency and uniformity in the document.
  • Now that we have the core document, we will continue to build on the database.  Each member will be required to submit five new organizations each year before we meet at Annual. 
  • New entries can be a national, state or local organization.  Please be sure to list the most predominant “partnership type” and list as much contact information as possible when adding new entries.
  • Each member will also be assigned to a chunk of the existing information in the database to maintain the correct contact information throughout the year.
  • When updating the website for ALSC, we need to contact and work with Elizabeth.

Meeting Schedule

  • We will do our best to meet as a whole every quarter, the 1st Thursday of the month for January, March, May, September and November at 12 pm PST/ 2 pm CST/ 3 pm EST.
  • Subcommittees should try to meet once a quarter. 
  • At minimum, whatever method of communication is preferred, teams should be communicating regularly and keeping the rest of the subcommittee up to date and “CC” Jackie and Soraya:
  • We will continue to meet using Zoom.  If you haven’t used it before, you can register here: https://zoom.us/signup or you can use the app from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the app and registering here: https://zoom.us/download
  • We’ll send out a direct link to the meetup each whole committee meeting. 
  • Subcommittees are responsible for setting up their own meetups using whichever platform they prefer but must inform both Jackie and I about as we would like at least one of us to attend the subcommittee meetings.
  • Email is the best way to contact us: sorayasilverman@gmail.com and Cassidy@hcplonline.org

Blog Post Schedule:

  • Please share Blog post drafts on ALA Connect for sharing and comments from the committee by 14th of the month.
  • Posts are due by midnight every 17th of the month, posts on the 20th of the month.