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2018 ALSC Board of Directors Agenda and Documents (Midwinter Meeting, Denver, CO)


Posted here are the ALSC Board documents for the upcoming 2018 Midwinter Meeting in Denver, CO.

Items marked with (TK) will be added over the next few days.

For more information about the Midwinter Meeting, including meeting times and locations, please visit https://2018.alamidwinter.org/.



Agenda as of 2/6/2018

DOC #3a ALA Board Liaison, Andrew Pace                                                                                                                                                       

Consent Agenda

DOC #4 Approval of Board minutes from Annual 2017

DOC #5 Approval of Board minutes from August 2017

DOC #6 Approval of Board minutes from September 2017

DOC #7 Approval of Board minutes from November 2017

DOC #8 Major Board Actions Passed Electronically

Informational Items:     

DOC #9 Review of Fall Executive Committee 2017 minutes

DOC #10 President’s Report

DOC #11 Vice-President’s Report

DOC #12 Division Councilor’s Report

DOC #13 Emerging Leader’s Report

DOC #14 Executive Director’s Management Report

DOC #15 Awards Program Report

DOC #16 Candidate Slate for 2018 Election

DOC #17 Continuing Education Report

DOC #18 Communications Report

DOC #19 Membership Report

DOC#20 Projects & Partnerships Report

DOC #21 Publications Report

DOC #22 Web Activities Report

DOC #23 Committee December Quarterly Reports (note: 108 pages)

DOC #24 Upcoming ALA Annual Conf. and Midwinter Meeting


DOC #25 Strategic Plan Implementation Progress

DOC #25a ALSC Strategic Plan

DOC 25ci Review of Existing ALSC Initiatives, Projects and External Relationships

DOC #25cii Appendix A: Exam of Initiatives, Projects, and External Relationships

DOC #25ciii ALSC 2016-2017 Annual Report

DOC #25e ALSC Environmental Scan 2016

DOC #26 Mega Issue: “Next Steps for Early Literacy”

DOC #27 Public Awareness Committee Request

DOC #29 ALSC Awards Program in Context of Strategic Plan

DOC #30 Notable Children’s Book Committee Pilot Request

DOC #33  Committee on Legislation Update

DOC #33a Committee on Legislation Strategic Priorities

DOC #34 ALA Libraries Ready to Code Grant Update

DOC #37a Website Advisory Committee update charge motion

DOC #38b Awards Manual Revision Task Force

DOC #39ai FY17-18-19 Budget Summary

DOC #39 aii FY17-18-19 Budget Summary Narrative

DOC #39aiii Endowments (note multiple tabs at bottom of the workbook)

DOC #39 Financial Trend Report


DRAFTMW18Agenda6Feb18.pdf482.18 KB
DOC 3a ALA Board Talking Points MW18.pdf416.37 KB
DOC 4 2017 Annual Conference Board of Directors DRAFT Minutes.pdf99.5 KB
DOC 5 August 28 DRAFT Board Meeting Minutes.pdf57.33 KB
DOC 6 September 18th DRAFT Board Meeting Minutes.pdf64.14 KB
DOC 7 November 20th DRAFT Board Meeting Minutes.pdf61.83 KB
DOC 8 Major Board Actions Passed Electronically.pdf24.61 KB
DOC 9 Fall Executive Committee Meeting DRAFT Minutes.pdf64.16 KB
DOC 10 President's Report Midwinter 2018.pdf25.4 KB
DOC 11 Vice President Report.pdf61.61 KB
DOC 12 Division Councilor Report MW 18.pdf47.7 KB
DOC 13 2018 Emerging Leaders Update.pdf46.59 KB
DOC 14 Management Report.pdf409.87 KB
DOC 15 Awards Program Report.pdf97.73 KB
DOC 16 Candidate Slate for 2018 Election.pdf140.86 KB
DOC 17 Continuing Education.pdf78.61 KB
DOC 18 Communications Report.pdf66.8 KB
DOC 19 Membership Report.pdf61.35 KB
DOC 20 Projects and Partnerships Report.pdf291.08 KB
DOC 21 Publications Report.pdf41.87 KB
DOC 22 Web Activities Report.pdf40 KB
DOC 23 Committee December Reports 108 PAGES.pdf454.54 KB
DOC 24 Upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.pdf56.58 KB
DOC 25 Strategic Plan Implementation Progress Report.pdf89.07 KB
DOC 25a ALSC Strategic Plan.pdf464.44 KB
DOC 25ci Exam of Initiatives Projects External Relationships.pdf398.9 KB
DOC 25cii Initiatives and Projects Comparison11by17paper_hardcopiesvailable.pdf333.73 KB
DOC 25ciii ALSC Annual Report 2016-2017-MW18.pdf382.39 KB
DOC 25e ALSC Environmental Scan.pdf196.88 KB
DOC 26 Next Steps for Early Literacy.pdf173.32 KB
DOC 27 Public Awareness Request MW2018.pdf61.98 KB
DOC 29 ALSC Awards Program in Context of Strategic Plan.pdf230.27 KB
DOC 30 Notable Books Procedures.pdf58.56 KB
DOC 33 COL Division Meeting Talking Points - 02.02.2018.pdf257.71 KB
DOC 33a ALA Current Priorities January 2018.pdf455.53 KB
DOC 34 Ready to Code Update_Final_ALSC.pdf29.16 KB
DOC 37a Motion Update Charge Website Advisory Committee.pdf16.52 KB
DOC 38b Interim TF Report Award Manual Revisions_rev2Feb18.pdf291.14 KB
DOC 39ai Budget Summary FY17close_FY18_fourmonths_FY19preliminary.xls104 KB
DOC 39aii Budget Summary Narrative29Jan18.pdf556.65 KB
DOC 39aiii Endowment Summary FY18 4months and FY17 close.xls549.5 KB
DOC 39d Financial Trends Rev Jan26.pdf778.96 KB