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Membership/conference registration

I need your help. Here in NJ we are trying to streamline some of our conference and membership registration. I would really appreciate it if you could share:


How does your state manage your purchase order process for membership registration and conference?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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The Texas Library Association does not accept purchase orders for conference registration.

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I've submitted your query to our NYLA Director...yes, we do accept POs...and for our Section conf and the STATE conference (2 different ones at this point) we go through the NYLA office.  I will get more specific info from him.  

Sue Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School Librarian

President NYLA-SSL

Catherine L. Nelson's picture

SCASL accepts purchase orders for membership and/or registration for conference. When a PO is received, an invoice is sent (from our executive secretary who handles payments of any kind) to the district for payment. Same rules apply regarding deadlines. If the PO is received by the deadline, it counts.  

Cathy Jo Nelson, NBCT, MLIS
School Librarian, Paul M. Dorman High School
Spartanburg District 6
Roebuck, SC


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KASL accepts purchase orders for our Summer Refresher conference. Like SCASL, our treasurer sends an invoice to the district/school once a PO is received. We will send invoices as long as it takes to get paid for a conference.