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Larry Neal's picture

Appreciation of Mary Ghikas and ALA staff

Hi Mary,

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your continued support and hard work on behalf of the membership of ALA. The delay in searching for a new Executive Director has to be difficult for you and the staff. Your handling two positions simultaneously and the uncertainty for the unit EDs and staff must be difficult. That said, I hope you have a chance to get some rest and relaxation over the holidays before things ramp up for Midwinter, and look forward to great things ahead for ALA in 2018.


Larry Neal
ALA Councilor-at-large


Larry P. Neal, Library Director
Clinton-Macomb Public Library
40900 Romeo Plank Road
Clinton Township,  MI 48038-2955  USA
(586) 226-5011    |   (586) 226-5008 – fax  |  lneal@cmpl.org

Mary Ghikas's picture

Thank you, Larry.  I appreciate your kindness and also your work.   We're doing our best, collectively, to take advantage of the interim for some necessary changes.   And yes, I'm at O'Hare.  We're heading to El Paso to spend the holiday with our son &
daughter-in-law.  Best wishes for a happy holiday to you.  See you soonish!  Mg

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