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ALSC Student Membership Task Force 12/4/17 Meeting Notes

ALSC Student Membership Task Force (virtual meeting, Google Hangouts)

Monday, December 4, 2017 2:00 p.m. CST

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions

- Appoint volunteer to take minutes/attendance - Andrea
- Introductions/Attendees Elizabeth, Karen, Kenneth, Patrick, Melody
- Elizabeth will remove Ted McCoy from committee page
- Introduced new member, Melody T. Leung
- Revisions/Additions to Agenda? - review Function Statement


2. Communications with Students

- What are your suggestions for future topics?
- What kind of responses are you getting (if any)? Not many.

- Perhaps if the emails were more personal, more like mentoring emails rather than news alerts, students would be more responsive. We will try sending out more brief and informal email messages monthly instead of every other month.

> ACTION each Task Force member will send emails to their assigned recipients in December. Keep it brief and informal. Include any ALSC news you find interesting. Note on the spreadsheet the date emails were sent. The five students who have dropped out have been crossed out on our spreadsheet. No need to email them.

- Is there a way for the students to meet each other? We could use Zoom to host a meeting, give a topic for discussion - Jbrary journal club? Mock discussion? The topic is important - book stuff, award stuff, Morris Seminar info, landing a job, how to get on an award committee. Someone from the managing services committee could talk about successful job search techniques.

> ACTION We will add question on mid-point survey if they’re interested in meeting each other and what topics they would want to discuss.

3. Student Post for ALSC Blog

- One recipient has already contributed a blog post on December 4! http://www.alsc.ala.org/blog/2017/12/student-gift-membership-recipient-angela-bair/

- We will ask recipients in Dec email if they would be interested in writing a post for the ALSC blog. Suggest good candidates to Elizabeth and she will send them some guiding questions.  


4. Mid-point Survey in January

- Reviewed survey questions on final report.

- Additional questions:
- Is there something you are not getting from ALSC membership that you need?
- What’s the best way to communicate with you?
- Do you plan on renewing at the end of the program?
- What service has ALSC provided?

- Incentive for filling it out - ALSC office will offer credit for an online course, signed books
- Elizabeth will create survey in Survey Monkey, we will make the due date a week after we send it out, send followup emails to recipients who do not respond.
- We will compare baseline to mid-point and report to board.

> ACTION Andrea will share draft of survey, send final questions to Eliza by mid Dec. (Elizabeth out of the office Dec 21- 1.)

5. Q&A and Other Business

- Review Function Statement - Elizabeth will share form we use to update charge/function statement.  

- Elizabeth is making sure second year is paid for. MACS says five students are no longer in program. She will send the names. They may have renewed for one year, not realizing that they still qualify. If people drop off we will not replace them. We could not include them in final assessment and it would extend the TF work by a year.
- Elizabeth will look at emails bouncing back on the spreadsheet.  

6. Schedule Next Meeting Date

- Andrea will send out potential dates for the next meeting.