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August 2017 Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kendra, Karlyn, Africa, Nate
Absent: Barbara, Johanna, Nichole

Meeting 2pm August 8, 2017
Committee member introductions were made. Members discussed the difference between advocacy and programming.

Co-chairs reviewed committee member expectations including a discussion of past blog posts and EA website. The blog schedule was reviewed and members were reminded to select a month to post. Blog posts about the EA website are intended to help ALSC members navigate the website and learn about advocacy resources. Each committee member is expected to write at least one blog post; members will likely write 2 during a one-year time period. Nate inquired about getting started resources for new committee members. 

Co-chairs discussed the possibility of organizing a webinar for youth services managers. Kendra talked with Managing Children's Services committee; we're waiting to hear back, spring may be better timing for that committee; we may work with one person to craft the workshop. Members brainstormed topics and lingering questions regarding librarians engaging in advocacy work. Is it an ethics issue or management issue? Is advocacy part of librarians everyday work of providing information to patrons? How can you communicate with higher ups so staff can advocate for services?
The advocacy session at ALSC Leadership Meeting was discussed.
Other business: None.

Meeting adjourned: 2:42 pm