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2017 ALSC Executive Committee Fall Meeting Documents


Below you will find the ALSC Executive Committee meeting agenda and documents for the Fall meeting which will be held on Saturday, October 28, 2017 in Chicago, IL at ALA Headquarters.

*Fall Executive DRAFT Committee Agenda

Consent Agenda:

DOC. III a   Management Report
DOC. III b   Continuing Education Report
DOC. III c   Publications Report
DOC. III d   Communications Report
DOC. III e   Membership Report
DOC. III f    Projects & Partnerships Report
DOC. III g   Web Activities Report           
DOC. III h   Awards Program Report
DOC. III i    Draft 2017 Annual Conference Board of Directors Minutes
DOC. III j    President’s Update
DOC. III k   Vice-President’s Update
DOC. III l    Councilor’s Report                                                                                                    


DOC. IV      Approval of 2017 Annual Conference Exec. Comm. Minutes
DOC. V a     FY2017 Third Close Financials                                                                                
DOC. V b     Endowment Summary                                                                                   
DOC. VI      Slate for 2018 Election (CONFIDENTIAL) sent separately
DOC. VII     2020 National Institute Site Selection           
DOC. XII     Board Development and PG Structure                      
DOC. XIII a Strategic Plan                                                                                                 
DOC. XIII b Strategic Plan Implementation Report                                                          
DOC. XIII c Committee September Quarterly Reports (note: many pages 50+)              
DOC. XIII d Exam of Initiatives and External Relationships                                             
DOC. XIII e Appendix A Exam of Initiatives & Projects Comparison                             
DOC. XV      Next Steps in Early Literacy (CONFIDENTIAL) sent separately