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October 17, 2017 1pm CST Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, US/Central

This meeting will occur via Adobe Connect October 17, 2017 from 1pm-2pm Central Standard Time.

Important meeting tips from ALA:

Please do not sign-in more than 15 minutes in advance as other groups may be using the room.

Attendees will need a USB headset (and an Internet connection) to utilize the VoIP feature. We recommend that all attendees have headsets with microphones available, and have a current version of Flash player installed. 

  1. Adobe Connect has recently updated their software. When you log-in, you may notice a screen asking you to install the add-in. If you click “yes,” the update will install in about 20-30 seconds. You may need to complete the audio setup wizard after installing the add-in.
  2. Use Firefox, if possible -- Internet Explorer and Chrome seem to have some issues.
  3. Make certain you have an updated version of Flash.
  4. Only use PDF or PPT files.
  5. You will need a headset for VoIP. If you are using a machine with a built-in microphone, you will need to disable the built-in microphone and enable the microphone on your headset (a USB headset is best).
  6. Once you enter Adobe Connect (you will sign in as a guest -- so no log-in is needed), you will need to click on the speaker and microphone icons to activate -- both need to be GREEN.
  7. Please allow a few minutes to get in and test your audio, etc. before the start time.
  8. To test audio, click on ‘Meeting’ in upper left corner. Choose the audio set-up wizard. Click through every step, making sure the dropdown is set to your USB headset, and click through to the very last screen. IMPORTANT: You must click all the way through the audio wizard in order to save your selections.

For your convenience a copy of the agenda is below and attached as a PDF:

ACRL Dr. E.J. Josey Spectrum Scholars Mentor Committee Agenda

Date: October 17, 2017

Time: 1pm-2pm Central

Location: Adobe Connect

URL: http://ala.adobeconnect.com/rj6f2r2bh2ef/

Access: Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room. Please do not sign-in more than 15 minutes in advance as other groups may be using the room.


  1. Introductions (Everyone) (5-10 minutes) (Name, where you are from)

    1. Kiyomi Deards

    2. Tamara Rhodes

    3. David Connolly

    4. John Culshaw

    5. kYmberly Keeton

    6. Linda Golian-Lui

    7. Meghan Sitar

    8. Nikhat Ghouse

    9. Veronica Arellano-Douglas

    10. Any guests

  2. Diversity Alliance mentoring program input (early in the year) (John Culshaw or Kiyomi Deards)(10 minutes)

You might be aware that ACRL launched a new initiative called the Diversity Alliance last year (http://www.ala.org/acrl/issues/diversityalliance) aimed at getting commitments from academic libraries to establish one or more residency positions to “increase the numbers opportunities for professionally underrepresented racial and ethnic groups to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies to thrive in an academic context.” I’ve been told that the ACRL Board of Directors (or at least some of the officers) thought one way that ACRL can support this initiative and the residents is by offering a mentor pairing program like this Spectrum Scholar one. Since this committee already maintains a pool of willing mentor volunteers who have an express interest in mentoring underrepresented racial and ethnic group members early on in their academic library careers, it was suggested that the volunteer pool would probably be shared across the two mentoring programs.

The Board would like to know if this committee would be interested in working on the pairings for this other program or participate in some other way. This is all a very informal inquiry at this point, and any thoughts or questions the committee has can be communicated directly with Executive Director Mary Ellen Davis (mdavis@ala.org, 312-280-3248).

  1. Mentoring Program Assessment Review and Revision Recommendations (Tamara, Veronica, and kYmberly)(30 minutes)

The committee members working on this task are:

Facilitator: Tamara Rhodes

  • Veronica Arellano Douglas

  • kYmberly Keeton

There are 2 existing assessments that previous Dr E.J. Josey Spectrum Scholars Mentoring Committees have created. The above team will report on their recommendations with the goal of having 1 assessment form sent out to current participants this month which we hope future groups will continue to do annually.

  1. Other Business (10 minutes)

David M. Connolly (staff)'s picture

On behalf of committee chair Kiyomi Deards, the minutes for this meeting are attached.