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ALA Committee Appointments

If you're interested in serving Big ALA, the call for committee appointments is open until early November. This is a great way to serve our association, and build connections between GODORT and all of the many kinds of activities happening around the association. 

Volunteers are sought for the following ALA, Council, and joint committees: Accreditation; American Libraries Advisory; Awards; Budget, Analysis and Review; Chapter Relations (must be ALA chapter or divisional affiliate member, eight of 11 committee members should have state library association [chapter] leadership or committee experience); Conference; Constitution and Bylaws; Council Orientation (current or former ALA Councilors are desired); Diversity; Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services Advisory; Education; Election (members responsible for travel costs to ALA Headquarters one day per year in late April or early May); Human Resource Development and Recruitment Advisory; Information Technology Policy Advisory; Intellectual Freedom; International Relations; Legislation; Library Advocacy; Literacy; Membership; Membership Meetings; Organization; Policy Monitoring (only ALA Councilors with terms through 2019 may serve); Professional Ethics; Public and Cultural Programs Advisory; Public Awareness; Publishing; Research and Statistics; Resolutions (must have experience as an ALA Councilor or have served on a Council Committee); Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds; Scholarships and Study Grants; Status of Women in Librarianship; Training, Orientation and Leadership Development; Website Advisory; ALA-Children’s Book Council (joint committee - meets twice a year in NYC and members cover travel costs); and ALA-Society of American Archivists- American Alliance of Museums (joint committee).

In addition to ALA, Council, and joint committees, you may also volunteer to serve on two subcommittees of the Office for Diversity Literacy and Outreach Services Advisory Committee using the ALA volunteer form: the Diversity Research Grant Advisory Committee (seeking individuals with experience conducting a research project, including writing research proposals, budgets, conducting and analyzing research) and the Spectrum Advisory Committee (60% of the committee members should be alumni of the Spectrum Scholarship Program).

For more information, see the Committee Appointments 2018-2019 press release