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PLA Board Meeting - Fall 2017

Public Library Association

Board of Directors
2017 Fall Meeting
Noon-4:30, Monday, September 25
8:30 am-4 pm, Tuesday, September 26

Meeting Location
Executive Boardroom (Third Floor), Omni Chicago Hotel, 676 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611

Group Meals
Monday, September 25
•6:00pm: PLA Board Dinner at Siena Tavern, 51 W. Kinzie St., Chicago, IL 60654

Tuesday, September 26
•7:30am-9:00am: Breakfast at Birds Nest, 676 Restaurant, Omni Hotel Chicago
•12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch at Birds Nest, 676 Restaurant, Omni Hotel Chicago

REVISED Agenda Fall Meeting 2017.docx68.24 KB
2018.1 Draft 2017 Annual Conference Board Actions draft 7-17-17.docx43.94 KB
2018.2 PLA Committees' Semi-Annual Reports.docx93.85 KB
2018.3 Opioid Activity Report.docx21.99 KB
2018.4 inclusive internship initiative.docx25.56 KB
2018.5 Digital Literacy Update.docx1.23 MB
2018.6 PO Board Memo Fall 2017.docx18.55 KB
2018.7 Engaging Federal Agencies_National Associations.docx17.45 KB
2018.8 PLA Publications Report.docx36.75 KB
2018.9 Public Libraries Magazine Report.docx35.71 KB
2018.10a PLA 2018 Conference Update.docx19.27 KB
2018.10b PLA 2018 Conference Update Attachment - Preliminary Session List (PDF).pdf90.7 KB
2018.11a CE Report.docx30.94 KB
2018.11b CE Report Attachment - PLA at ALA 2017 program evaluations aggregate (PDF).pdf81.94 KB
2018.12 PLA Leadership Academy Update.docx26.02 KB
2018.13 Membership Report.docx41.77 KB
2018.14 Appointments Board Report (PDF).pdf130.06 KB
2018.15 PLA Technology Report Fall 2017.docx19.9 KB
2018.16 PLA Fundraising Update.docx23.77 KB
2018.17 Communications Report.docx28.66 KB
2018.18 EveryLibrary FAQ 7-19-17.pdf725.21 KB
2018.19 ALA Connect Update.docx21.99 KB
2018.20a-e YTD FY17 by Project Report as of July 2017 (PDF).pdf190.9 KB
2018.21 FY2018 Budget Overview for Fall Board.docx26.44 KB
2018.22 FY17 to FY18 Budget Comparison 8-18-17 (PDF).pdf118.66 KB
2018.23 Draft 2017 AC Board Follow Up List.docx18.26 KB
2018.24a PLA 2018 Nominations.docx18.9 KB
2018.24b PLA Board Nomination Acceptance Form.docx20.55 KB
2018.25 PLA Board Speaking Tours.docx33.53 KB
2018.26 Legacy Update.docx33.54 KB
2018.27a PLA PD for Public Library Staff TOC Narrative FINAL.pdf828.29 KB
2018.27b PLA PD for Public Library Staff TOC 0FINAL.pdf955.4 KB
2018.28a Tuesday PLA Board Meeting Agenda.FINAL_.docx149.01 KB
2018.28b Current PLA_strategic_plan_approved_june_2014.pdf577.5 KB
2018.28c PLA Positioning Story.docx55.5 KB
2018.28d Legacy Partner Profile for PLA - May 2017 FINAL.docx141.55 KB
2018.28e PLA Strategic Plan Accomplishments Sept 2017.docx60.45 KB
REVISED Combined Documents Fall 2017 PLA Board Meeting.pdf3.64 MB