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EBSS Instruction for Educators Committee Annual Meeting Minutes 2017

ACRL/EBSS Committee Meeting Minutes (approved via email)


Date: Thursday, June 15, 2017

Committee name: Instruction for Educators Committee

Members present: Kim Frail, Amy Gilgan, Samantha Godbey (chair), Genevieve Innes, Daniel Zuberbier, Ernesto Hernandez (incoming committee member), Lesley Farmer (guest)

Time and place: 11:00-12:00 pm PST via Google Hangouts


Approval of notes from prior meeting: Minutes from the previous meeting were approved virtually over email.


1. Greetings
- Samantha shared that next year, the committee will need to work on revising the Information Literacy Standards for Teacher Education in light of the Framework

2. Committee member progress updates re: Lesson Plan Project

Google doc link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Nfj3NevpxI-u_LIuLXrv5TqAe-E-iLd1dQOPnadpZN0


- Amy shared that she would have felt more comfortable with a template for what to do

- Committee members had not agreed on an exact end product for the project, so a template wasn’t possible.

- Member contributions to the shared document are mixed. Some members revised a lesson plan, others commented on experience


3. Discussion of format/venue for sharing our work, next steps

-       Possible options for publication were shared:

-       Fall EBSS newsletter

-       C&RL News article or The Way I See It article

-       Dan suggested The Way I See It article on broader ideas from the experience, sharing experience with re-mixing lesson plans, connecting this to the way it’s done among K-12 educators.

-       Lesley shared that MERLOT is a potential option for sharing our lesson plans – option to create bookmark collections with a unique URL that can be shared; Lesley also noted different academic communities within MERLOT; features of MERLOT include both a controlled vocabulary and options for tags

-       Lesley suggested a think-aloud process article

-       Dan agreed to be point person for project either informally or as incoming co-chair


4. Decided on the following as next steps:

- Samantha will follow up with current committee to encourage any individuals who want to post a lesson plan or resource that came out of their individual work to do so by June 30

- Any current committee members who are rotating off the committee and are interested in potential involvement in an article/write-up should let Samantha or Dan know

- Dan and Diane Fulkerson, as next year’s co-chairs, will discuss the write-up/article with the new committee, and decide how to proceed