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ACRL Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes - ALA Annual 2017


Association of College and Research Libraries
Diversity Committee
ALA Annual Conference Meeting
Sunday, June 25, 2017
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Hilton Chicago, Conference Room 4G (Fourth Floor)
Chicago, IL



1. Preliminaries
a. Introductions
b. Appoint minute taker
-Kenny Garcia will take minutes.

2. Agenda overview

3. Approval of minutes of 1/21/17
-Minutes were approved.

4. ACRL Board Update
-The board is examining the association’s current relationship with vendors. It has been a current source of fundraising, but vendor sponsorships are becoming scarcer. There is also a need to protect ACRL’s core values.
-A question came up in the discussion on whether or not there are any sponsorships of diversity-related events, programs, or scholarships. It seemed liked there wasn’t.
-The board will be discussing a possible partnership between ACRL and ARL to develop a symposia on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in HR. The expectation would be that an ACRL Diversity Committee member be on the planning committee and have a role in content development for this symposium. ACRL can also offer tech support by offering to host webinars throughout the year.
-One project output for the committee would be to develop a resource list LibGuide for the symposium.

5. Announcements
a. ACRL Leadership Council
-Various groups presented updates on the work that’s being done. A white paper on global perspectives on information literacy was published. A group exercise on resonant leadership was facilitated by the president’s program planning Committee.

6. Working Group Updates:
a. Assessment Plan subcommittee
-The subcommittee discussed the possibility of incorporating the a dimension-based rubric as an assessment measure for the diversity standards. They also discussed incorporating the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence VALUE rubric to provide goals for the ACRL Diversity Standards.
b. Website subcommittee
-A recommendation will be made to have a committee member be given editing privileges to the website and toolkit LibGuide in order to made immediate changes to both resources.
c. Best Practices subcommittee
-The subcommittee expressed the need for all of the subcommittees to meet together and discuss the overlapping best practices in all of the research areas.
d. ACRL Diversity Committee liaison to the ACRL Diversity Alliance Steering Committee
-The steering committee discussed the need to better support residency coordinators. Vendors also want to be included in the scope of residency Opportunities. The diversity alliance is working on additional institutes for member institutions and those interested, and will be done at major conferences such as ACRL 2019.

7. Next Steps for revising the Diversity Standards
-The committee needs to rethink the revision process for the diversity standards. The standards need to include contemporary theories and current applications across various institutions. This requires a discussion on bandwidth and expertise within the committee, as well as a discussion on the sequence and process of revision. The expectation is to submit revision recommendations to the ACRL Standards Committee every five years. Since the diversity standards were approved by the board in 2012, they are up for renewal this year. There is a need to bring in more people with expertise into the revision process.
-One recommendation is to organize the standards by themes and revise a few standards a year based on a theme. The committee can also host a virtual or face-to-face working session with experts where participants and bring in and share ideas based on the theme.
-Conference proposals will be due soon. The committee can think about proposing a case study presentation on practical applications of incorporating the diversity standards across various institutions. There is the need to talk about failures as well as successes.