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Pre-vote discussion: 7/18/17 to 7/23/17 AU/CAU SLIS Resolution

The Board is invited to review the draft resolution honoring the Atlanta University/Clark Atlanta University School of Library and Information Studies, and have discussion during the period of 7/18/17 to 7/23/17. Please note the expedited discussion and voting timeline.

Please post comments regarding the draft resolution using threaded discussion to provide feedback regarding the content.

Following the discussion period, the Board will vote on the draft resolution via virtual vote during 7/24/17 to 7/27/17 and confirm its vote at the 2018 Midwinter Meeting.

Irene Herold's picture

Perfect.  Many thanks to Beth and Lee.

Irene Herold

ACRL Board, Past President 2017-2018

Kim Leeder Reed's picture

Looks great, thanks for drafting this!

Just as one suggestion: the fact that the "whereas" statements are written in the past tense gave me the impression that the school is no longer in operation (which obviously it is). Perhaps restate those in the present perfect, which reflects that those accomplishments continue? For instance, the school "has helped to diversity the profession" instead of "helped to diversity the profession." It "has successfully fulfilled its mission" versus "successfully fulfilled its mission."

Also, I think you need a semicolon + and (; and) at the end of all the whereas statements, except the last. 

Hope this helps! 


Lori Ostapowicz-Critz's picture

Great job!  I agree with Kim's recommendation to use the present perfect tense for readability.


Kelly Jacobsma's picture

This is really nice. I also agree that the present perfect tense is better.

Lori Ostapowicz-Critz's picture

Irene asked us to confirm that the Clark Atlanta Library School was indeed still operating, as she recalled it had closed.

She was right!

From Library Journal: "Despite support from faculty, alumni, and the library profession at large, the board of Clark Atlanta University (CAU) decided on October 17 to close the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), the only accredited library program in Georgia (see News , LJ 9/15/03, p. 18ff.)." [http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2003/11/ljarchives/clark-atlanta-university...


The past tense is appropriate!




LeRoy LaFleur's picture

Yes, the school closed in 2003/2005.  The National Conference of African American Librarians is being held in Atlanta 8/9-13 and there will be a commemorative reception there at which I suspect they will be presenting these resolutions.

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Although the present perfect tense is a bit "softer," given that the school has been closed for over a decade, the past tense might be more accurate.  Also, in resolution #2, should faculty be removed from the sentence?  If the school is closed they no longer have faculty to continue contributing.  Perhaps "...continued leadership in the field by those alumni and former faculty of ..."?

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Given the minor confusion about whether or not this program is still in operation, perhaps the first whereas clause could be modified slightly for clarification:  

Whereas the Atlanta University/Clark Atlanta University (AU/CAU) School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), established in 1941 which for 64 years from 1941 to 2005

Overall the resolution is nicely done.



Emily Daly's picture

Yes, this is nicely done.  I agree with John's suggestion and Kim's suggestion to add semi-colons and ands.  I believe you need a period at the very end of the resolution, as well.  Also, do you need the numbers tat the end, would it work just to make the two statements and end with a period?  Sorry to be so nit-picky about the formatting -- the content of the resolution is very nice.

Thank you for doing this, Beth and Lee! 

Emily Daly
Head, Assessment & User Experience Department
Librarian for Education
Duke University, Perkins Library
Box 90175
Durham, NC 27708-0175
919.660.5879 (ph) 919.660.5957 (fax)

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Whoops, thanks for clarifying, all. I guess I should have done my homework before commenting. Sorry and thanks for setting me straight!

Please disregard my earlier comment about the tense. I think what tripped me up was the last two Whereas statements which say "have shaped" and "has contributed." If those went to simple past tense and we specify the years of operation as John suggested, everything will be clear even for those of us behind the curve. 


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Should this sentence read?

Whereas the Atlanta University/Clark Atlanta University (AU/CAU) School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), established in 1941, helped to diversity diversify the profession, by preparing more African-Americans for careers in libraries and library education than any other single institution

Prof. Caroline Fuchs
Learning Design Librarian
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Queens, NY 11439
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Hi, Jeanne asked a question about the faculty of the school.  I'd like to suggest that we use the term former faculty that way we still acknowledge their contributions.


Jeanne Davidson's picture

Does someone use the results of the discussion to adjust the document and re-post it before we take the vote?  If so, who?

Allison Payne-IL (staff)'s picture

I can update the draft revision with the recommendations in this post, and will use the revised version for the virtual vote that starts on Monday.