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EBSS Executive Committee Minutes, ALA Annual 2017

EBSS Executive Committee Annual Meeting Minutes 2017
Monday June 25, 2017, 8:30-9:30am CST
Mode: in person, Chicago Hilton, Chicago, IL

Convener: Kaya Van Beynen

Minute taker: Ericka Raber

Members Present: Jodie Borgerding,Yu-Hui Chen (Member-at-Large),Emily Darowski,Joyce Garczynski (Vice Chair), Bernadette Lear (Past Chair), Jill Morningstar (Member-at-Large), Tina Mullins (Web Editor), Ericka Raber (Secretary), Kaya Van Beynen (Chair)

Call to order (K. Van Beynen) – Kaya called meeting to order at 8:30 CST

Approval of the agenda (K. Van Beynen) – Committee voted to approve agenda.
Approval of Minutes (K. Van Beynen) -- Minutes of the Midwinter EBSS Executive Council Annual Meeting were approved as posted to ALA Connect: http://connect.ala.org/node/263939


Chair (K. Van Benyen) –

ALA Connect is going away.

ACRL Board will discuss at this conference the proposal to keep unfunded Distinguished Librarian Award.

~$600 available in budget to be spent by Aug. 2017.

ALA office is encouraging virtual committee meetings for ALA Annual, so that more time can be devoted to program attendance.

ACRL licensed workshops opportunities will expand this summer to include: “Using the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.”


Vice Chair (J. Garczynski)

Joyce reported that there were 156 volunteers for committees. 89 appointments offered, and 87 appointments accepted.

Past Chair (B. Lear)

Bernadette reported on the new leaders orientation session held virtually. Bernadette has been working to update the EBSS Manual. She identified many inaccuracies (calendar, phone numbers, etc.)

Action Items: Bernadette will send the updated document to Jodie Borgerding, Publications and Communications Committee. Jodie and Committee will review and send to Kaya.

Secretary (E. Raber)

Ericka has been contacting Chairs to request meeting agendas and minutes (email to Sec., post to EBSS listserv, and post to ALA Connect).

Members-at-Large: (J. Morningstar, Y-H Chen) See Advisory Report.

Web Editor (T. Mullins)

Tina reported that several EBSS committees are using LibGuides.


Budget (K. Van Benyen)

Kaya reported that EBSS has ~$600 in its budget. Committee discussed expense options including: swag for 50th Anniversary celebration in 2018 (flash drives and chargers), and donation to scholarships.

Action Item: Kaya will follow up on spending for swag and scholarships.

Conference Program Ideas See Advisory Report.

Concerns and ideas for 2017 – 2018

Discussion of the value of networking at committee meetings. How can we continue to offer networking opportunities if Annual meetings become entirely virtual? One idea would be to have an All-Committee Meeting with networking activities built in. Consider holding Exec Board meeting virtually.

Adjournment (K. van Beynen) Meeting adjourned at 9:15.