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2017 June Executive Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

2017 June Executive Board Meeting Agenda

ALA Annual Meeting


Saturday, June 24, 8:30 am CST

Palmer House, Honore Ballroom

Chicago, IL


1. Call to Order

Action: None

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

8:30 (5m)


Minutes: Called to order at 9:34 pm. Liz DeCoster, Matt Ciszek, Ann Symons, Ana Elisa De Campos Salles, Deb Sica, Peter Coyl, Joel Nichols, Megan Drake, Jen Maguire-Wright, David Isaak, Paul Kelly, Lisa Johnson, Sherry Machones, Roland Hansen, Ashley Faulkner, Peter Hepburn, Lisa Johnson present.


2. Approval of Agenda and Minutes

Action: Approve agenda for the May 2017 Executive Board meeting. 

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: Approval of minutes from the May 2017 Executive Board meeting. (Link: http://connect.ala.org/node/267016)

8:35 (5m)


Minutes: changes - add ODLOS as number 9. Add RT councilor report after treasurer report (item 4). Before meetings and dates, add discussion about ALA Connect. Changes to the last call minutes - add Liz. Minute changes approved.


3. Treasurer’s Report and Budget

Action: Update from the Treasurer

Item Facilitator: Liz DeCoster


Supporting Information: Liz will provide her monthly update on the Round Table’s finances.


8:40 (10m)


Minutes: April close numbers. See Liz’s spreadsheet. Operating revenues come from dues, donations, and sales. Ann - we only have one endowment, correct? Stonewall. We can’t transfer money out of that for general expenses. Restricted endowment. Do we also have a stonewall budget in the operating budget? It would be useful to have a stonewall line in the operating budget. The only thing we extract from the stonewall endowment is the $1,000. Can we have lines for the stonewall honorarium and one for stonewall expenses? Ann - do we need to ask Dan or Peter to verify with Bibliotecha what we should use the money for? Deb - no, it’s just a donation. We can vote, however, about where we want the money to go. Jen - we should acknowledge their donation in some way when we decide. Ann - at one of the upcoming meetings we should have a proposal for what we’d like to see that money for. Add to the July agenda. Jen - ALA membership is going down while Roundtable membership is going up. Should we be worried about that? Liz - we continue to purposefully underestimate our projected member growth due to this. Ann - what is our total balance right now? $30,979.

Links: GLBTRT_endowment_April2017.xlsxGLBTRT_adminfinancials_April2017.xlsxALA-AC-17-Treasurer-s-Report.docx

4. Councilor’s Report


Minutes: Climate change resolution passed. New resolution on responsible spaces. Also draft on inclusion, diversity and equity as an interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights. Deb - can we get gender neutral bathrooms as an issue of accessibility included in the language? 


4. Social Media Policy

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Matt Ciszek


Supporting Information: The Board will discuss the latest updates/finalized version of the GLBTRT social media policy.

8:50 (10m)


Minutes: Matt - we were hoping to get all the work done before the meeting so we can vote. We’re going to open it up for discussion. News committee was unaware of what they should be doing WRT to social media; traditionally it’s been in the purview of the web committee. Going forward, this will be a joint responsibility between them. David Isaak: should some of this go into the procedures manual? Yes. Just give comments to Ana Elisa or Matt. 


5. June is GLBT Book Month

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons


Supporting Information: The Board will discuss formulating a yearly plan about what happens each month and who does what in preparation for June is GLBT Book Month.


9:00 (10m)


Minutes: This is the end of year two/start of year three. Ann - we usually leave the planning until way too late. Two suggestions: one, we have an ad-hoc committee until 2020, or we give it to the advocacy committee to work on. Deb - add it to their advocacy charge. Peter - it’s already part of their charge. Ann - but we can’t assign both the Open to All Toolkit AND GLBT Book Month to Advocacy - it’s just too much. Ana Elisa - can we assign the toolkit to the Resources committee? David - let’s have the advocacy committee create the advocacy plan by October. Deb - end of September? Megan will be liaison for that. Jen - next February is when we need our spokesperson locked in for 2019. Ann - ask Robin Roberts. David - have them not only come up with a timeline (including social media, timeline for working with OIF), but also a program of events, and execute it. Ann - we’d like to be able to have promo materials for the membership by the Midwinter conference. 


6. Open To All Toolkit

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons


Supporting Information: The Board will discuss both the Welcome To All posters progress as well as potential Open To All toolkit edits.

9:10 (10m)


Minutes: Peter - we need to update the list of recommended books. Have a first draft ready for the next meeting. 



7. New Conference Planning
Action: Discussion
Item Facilitators: Ann Symons

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will discuss the latest changes to ALA’s conference program selection and planning process.

9:20 (10m)


Minutes: Deb - phase I, the information that we’re pressed to have by the Aug 25th deadline is our jury programs. Membership first, then chair, then committee meetings and business meetings. Three tiered rollout plan. History RT wants to partner with us for this coming annual. We could also partner with REFORMA on a jury program. Ann - by Aug 25th, how complete do the jury programs need to be? Peter - they have to be complete. Nobody is guaranteed a jury program. David - are we going to be on the Jury for 2020? No. Can we flip that? Peter - maybe we can all do programs together. Ann - what happens to Stonewall Book Awards program? Peter - unaffected. The point here is that they want to highlight the programming aspect of Annual and keep the RT type meetings out of the conference center.



8. News Committee Charge

Action: Discussion

Item Facilitator: Ana Elisa De Campos Salles/David Isaak

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will discuss updating the charge of the GLBTRT News Committee.

9:30 (10m)


Minutes: Ana Elisa - charge was last updated in January 2014. Amelia and Ashley, co-chairs of the news committee, were brought in to help update it. Peter - are volunteers writing about books or is that the Reviews Committee? No - they don’t really post reviews, it’s more just informational blurbs. Matt - maybe the News Committee should change the format of GLBT News? Yes, they can format it however they want. Ana Elisa - let’s defer to Ashley from News Committee. Vote on the updated charge. Jen - how long will this be in effect? If it’s going to be a long time, maybe don’t namecheck Facebook and Twitter. David - we avoided saying social media because we didn’t want to imply they can start accounts themselves without board approval. Matt - let’s say “approved social media channels”. Voted, all in favor, non opposed.




Item Facilitator: Megan Drake

Minutes: Seeking feedback on the ODLOS Strategic Direction document by July 31st. Peter - outcome measure of success could be that a certain minimum number or percentage of EDI programs are selected by the Juries. 


9. Midwinter 2018 Social/Annual 2018 Social

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Ann Symons/David Isaak

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will begin preliminary discussions regarding the socials for both ALA conferences in 2018.

9:40 (10m)


Minutes: Why don't we repeat the location from the last time ALA was in Denver? Ann - could we ask them for the whole venue? Maybe if we have a sponsor? Megan - Mango have expressed interest in the past with sponsoring us. Next annual can be agenda item for the July meeting.


10. Emerging Leader Progress Report

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Ana Elisa De Campos Salles

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Emerging Leaders class of 2017/18 will present  their conference posters and update the Board on their work.


9:50 (10m)


Minutes: Working with ALA Archives. Need to create some forms for copyright release from donors. Make sure there's a steady stream of documents to archives instead of a massive dump (they’re part time). They can transfer their working google account to the RT. David will handle transferring the account. David - needs to be a committee that ensures continuity of contact with donors between change-over of emerging leader cohorts.


10. New ALA Connect


Minutes: Items from the current version do not go to Archives. We will call our shared files “Shared Files”. Matt - Web Committee Chair and Liaison to the Board from the Web Committee should have elevated privileges in the new system. Privacy - will our Connect be accessible to all or membership only? David - keep it membership only. Deb - keeping it public means more people can get the information. But isn't that what our website is for? Can we ask for both? Do we have specific poll needs? Peter - yes, for conducting meetings online. 



11. Meeting Dates and Times for 2017/2018 

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No

Supporting Information: The Board will settle a schedule for teleconference meetings in 2017/18. 

10:00 (10m)

Minutes: Third Wednesday of the month, 3 pm EST. Send out agendas on the listserv. Also post the minutes on the listserv. Also CC the ALA Archivist on any documents.


12. Announcements/Adjournment

Action: Information

Item Facilitator: Deb Sica

Vote: No


Minutes: Peter - encourages current RT members to contribute planned giving for ALA and name the RT in their pledge.


Meeting adjourned at 10:42 am.


10:10 (end)