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Group Discussions at PBA - Strategic Directions Overview

Dear PBA colleague:

Part of the responsibility of the Planning and Budget Assembly is to provide input as the Association plans for the future.

As part of the upcoming Sunday PBA meeting, President Elect Jim Neal will be providing an overview of his presidential initiatives. Following Jim’s presentation, we will be providing PBA members with an opportunity to help shape our priorities and budget for the coming year. The question we’ll be asking you to think about is:

                        “Select one of the strategic directions to discuss in your small group.  What are the top priorities for the coming year in that area, and what investments should we make to advance those priorities?”

We’ll then provide an opportunity for people to share and discuss their insights and ideas.

For your reference, we’ve attached an overview of the four Strategic Directions, and core strategies for each. Paper copies will also be available at the session.

See you at PBA,


Keith Michael Fiels

Executive Director

American Library Association

Group Discussions at PBA16.29 KB