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RSS Board Agenda- June 24, 2017

RSS Board Agenda- Annual 2017

June 24, 2017

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Palmer House, Burnham 4




  1. Approval of Midwinter Board meeting minutes

  2. Approval of RSS Board II minutes

  3. Approval of Agenda


  1. Vote on Updated RSS Virtual Reference Committee proposed a new committee charge (Amy Rustic/ Virtual Reference Committee)


  1. Updates on RUSA Restructuring/ Members at Large (Rebecca Jackson)


  1. Website Updates/ RUSA update to website (Amy Rustic/ Rebecca Jackson)


  1. Year end chair activities- Upload all documents to connect before the year ends. Archiving via ALAIR (Amy Rustic)


  1. Update on RSS handbook (Crystal Lentz)



Upcoming Deadlines


Proposal for 2018 programs: https://www.rusaupdate.org/2017/05/call-for-2018-annual-conference-program-proposals/

Deadline to submit proposals for a 2018 program is August 25, 2017.  



Expect submission information in October


Next Meeting: RSS Board II- look for Doodle poll for early July time.  This meeting should be attended by 2016-2017 chairs AND 2017-2018 chairs.