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2018 Notable Children's Recordings Annual Discussion List + Agenda

Please see the attached document for a list of titles to be discussed at our Annual meetings. Our agenda for the weekend can be found below.

Saturday, June 24: 1:00-5:30 Palmer House, Lasalle 3

  • Introductions

    • PGC Gaye Hinchliff

  • Discussion of terms, criteria, and definitions for the list

  • Assign secretary

  • Mary Burkey 1:30

  • Discussion of nominated titles

  • Wrap up for day



Sunday, June 25: 1:00-4:00 Palmer House, Lasalle 3

  • Discussion of nominated titles

  • Discussion of procedures to be used by the committee during the remainder of the year

  • Wrap up for Annual



*Since we do not have many titles to discuss, we may break early. Guests are advised to join us closer to our 1:00 start time than later.

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